Bundle of Sun

Bundle of Sun

[Starting up with guestposts on my blog. It will be all over the place, lol, but of people that I know that Can write. They either have something to say, or write in a very Specific way, or they have a certain sauce, there is always a story to tell, and if you look to and at the right places and or people, magic happens.]

Helios lives somewhere with beauty and sun, and it shows in his content, his promotional work, but even moreso, sniper and more in-depth in his poetry. Therefore, I had asked him, yo wanna be on my blog, show me what you got.

We will get to that centerpiece, in a bit, lets start of with some of his other works, that he just fires off from the hip, brazenly.

Two Minds

Life is simple but we complicate it too much,

it makes things worse, life is as such.

But why do we complicate rather than simplify?

Keep it simple stupid, for that is the battle cry.

We have two minds, one that’s silent and one that talks shit,

it tells us we can’t, we won’t & it makes us to quit.

Differentiating these minds is the key to winning at life,

the silent one is right & the noisy one causes strife.

So how do we separate these two opposing consciences?

we have to learn to connect and forget about the sciences.

We must learn to be present, for that is the key,

the key to becoming who we were meant to be.

To be present you must learn how to feel,

 and to stop all thinking, that is the deal.

When we’re born we have one then we start to think,

We must stop this thinking & get back to one before our last blink

This is Helios, follow him on IG: at heliosmonte. For more beautiful shots.

He has a strong affinity with America and he wrote the following for Fourth of July Celebration.


I love my country and my country loves me, ’Merica I want you to know I will always stand up for thee.

The land of the free that’s what they say, for freedom is our birthright that no one can take away.

Red, white & blue they run through my veins, Tanks, carriers, choppers, planes, jets & trains.

Some say we’re confused, but I think not, this is just a test to see what we’ve got.

For America I will always fight, it’s a powerful country, a country with might.

from Helios his Village by the Sea

Tbh, if I think abt it more and more, at first I think I was surprised, taken aback, by this strange fellow from a far of land of sun and sea and beauty, just spittin’ poetry, and I think it doesnt have anything to do with him. It has to do with me, and society, and the programming we have indulged for far too long. We need to get rid of that mental and soul trash that has bogged us down, for far too long.

We need to push it out, and replace it, burn that vileness out of our system, and just think high vibe, and in terms of beauty. In terms of Poetry. And then the good and kind thoughts start flowing. Start shining through.

Lets push on with another piece, this is from his IG: at Heliosmonte, I like this one:


Why is confidence so hard to find? Is it lack of intelligence or ignorance of mind?

So elusive it is for so many to be. This lack of belief in self, what can’t they see?

I used to think there was just something wrong with me, but now I understand it was just lack belief in self, on that we can agree.

So how then does one confident become? How confident can you be, where does it come from?

It means you believe blindly in who you are, knowing what you want, and it’s attainment is not far.

You must know that you can always win, and that The Universe is on your side, and it has always been.


Finally I send a direct envoy to Helios, asked him, Yo G, I want you to write poetry, and a specific piece for the blog. He said he was on it, as he usually is haha, he even spits poetry in the moment, and owns it, when trying to woo women, or as he likes to call them Queens, its epic and so him, and when I had gone to bed, I awoke, only to be surprised with a very poignant piece I’d like to share with you.

Man of truth


Who is this man, Fury, and what does he do? Is he a man of
character? Is he a man that is true.

Let’s examine this concept and see what we find, for he who
seeketh, will find with his mind.

He thinks, acts, and looks like a Samurai, but what does this
mean? A mysterious man of conquest, self-control, &
authenticity, rarely to be seen.

He likes all that is classy, cigars, women, whisky & wine, He
knows how to live, never loses, and enjoys all things fine.

He also looks up to Mushashi, the famous Japanese Sword
Saint, Who was famous for saying not to seek pleasure for it’s
own sake.

If you look at his Instagram he’s always got in his mouth a good
stick, only the best, from Havana or Nicaragua, and always lookin’

Fury is a coach, mentor, leader, & public figure, the all observing
sleuth, I’m glad to call him more than a friend, he’s my brother,
a man of truth.

Follow Helios on Twitter: at heliosmonte

Or Follow him on IG: at heliosmonte

Oh yeah, Helios means SUN. In (Ancient) Greek. How cool is that. Therefore, I thought to spread the joy, and light. His joy, and light, and his Bundle of Sun.

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