Dumb it Down, by War on Weakness — A Fury Review

Dumb it Down, by War on Weakness — A Fury Review

I’ve known Eddy, @waronweakness, a long time, and I’ve gone thru a lot of his content, shorter format, and also longer, his info products, his guides. 

Eddy always delivers. He’s a bigger account, nowadays, 10k+ followers on twitter, which means he holds a big piece of digital real estate [term I might’ve gotten from him, who knows lol .. ], but this doesn’t mean he jumps the shark, milks the cow dry, but instead he always ensures he curates excellent content. 

That’s where Dumb it Down (DID) comes in.

Dumb it Down is specifically catered to make your non-fiction writing better. Your copy, anything that persuades people do ANYTHING really. To make a sale, to join a newsletter, anything really. 

The offer DID comes with 3 bonuses, and 5 documents full of books notes, which IMHO is more than worth the price eddy asks for DID. Especially since a lot of people price sky high prices and offer not much of value in return.

The main body of DID is a short guide [after watching the cool intro video Eddy made] of 50 pages or so. 

But it’s very meta, symbolic. His book is about getting to the point. Writing sharp. Terse, sparse, and without fluff, but still entertaining, and informing [infotainment he calls it]. And boy, does he get to the point. 

He has these nice digestible punchy chapters. Chock full of knowledge, backed up with strong examples, which ram the lessons home, in your mind. 

I don’t want to spoil too much what’s inside, but I can say this is very helpful for copywriters, anyone who writes something to sell, or persuade, or wants a piece of the digital market space, or is fighting for attention in the attention economy on all the social media platforms. 

You want to write to impress, but rather you should write to inform — Eddy.

I’m closing off this review with a feedback I gave Eddy personally, cuz he wanted me to review DID from a writers POV. 

So I talk a lot about propulsivity, flow, pacing, momentum, narrative drive. Basically the “talent” to push your reader from page one, till the end. 

Well, I can tell you this, I read DID in one sitting. 

One, its content is legit. Helpful.

Two, I can tell there went a lot of work in the editing process to make the work as LEAN as possible. Practicing what he preaches. 

Three, It was very infotaining, light to read, and for me it reminds me of all the self improvement, and non fiction books I read, and use to read, if this were a full blow book, 200+ pages, paper or hardback. I’d have sleepless nights. 

Dumb it Down is hard to put down. 

If you want to get it, you can get it HERE.

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