Fury Cigar Review: Cusano

Fury Cigar Review: Cusano

Yo let’s get this poppin. This is my first cigar review, since the blog is up and running now. I am not an expert, nor will I ever hold such pretension, but I do enjoy cigars more than the usual folk. I have smoked 60+ cigars, and of a myriad of different brands. I have come to know the differences between an okay cigar, a great one, and a flawless one. 

The following is my opinion, and as with taste in anything, it’s perception, and subjective to reality. Full disclosure, for we get some chumps complaining.


Brand: Cusano

Price: 5 – 10$

Origin: Dominican

Strength: Mild (I am used to Strong, in all things, so weak, potentially)

Flavors: Coffee, Wood

Pull: Great

Smoke Duration: 1h

Price/Quality Ratio: Awesome


Covid is rampart, and the world is on fire, and I decided to have a smoke. I have this favorite spot near the water, where I meditate and smoke, alternating, or at the same time.

I take the Cusano out and smell it. No distinct smell. I cut it. And wet the end and draw, for the cold draw or pull. 

The pull is great. Better than any Cuban I’d had the last few times. That’s more about the Cubans, than it is about the Dominicans. 

So the pull is good and the flavors come in. Nothing special but great. I taste a very distinct acidic taste. At first it was hard to place, but then I realized it’s like the slight soury taste of coffee. For the rest the flavor was wood, like a Dominican, but not as Grassy as a Cuban.

I took out my Zippo and Fired it up.


I didnt torch the end, delicately, and sensually, like sometimes, but just lit the damn thing up. As I puffed multiple times, I didnt tear or wince or anything like that. It struck me. The cigar was not that strong. Mild to categorize it. 

The cigar was alight and I started my meditative process. 

From start to finish the strength did not last and the stick got weaker at the middle and the end. 


The draw was good and consistent.


Something I like about more pricier cigars is that the flavor CHANGES or Stays Consistent from start to finish. This cigar did not have that. At one point I was just smoking tobacco, with no regard, if I was smoking Cusano or not.


All in all, the Cusano was a great bang for buck. I smoked and it triggered a lot of ideas and gave me good thorough peace and calm, for a good whole hour. 

That said, it wasnt the best stick, and I wasnt celebrating anything, nor was I in an exotic spot, balling on Bali, or something like that. 

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