Fury Cigar Review: Davidoff Nicaragua

Fury Cigar Review: Davidoff Nicaragua


Brand: Davidoff
Price: 20 – 25$
Origin: Nicaraguan
Strength: Mild
Flavors: Complex, Wood
Pull: Great
Smoke Duration: Lost time, I would guess 1h
Price/Quality Ratio: Awesome

We got the boring stuff outta of the way. The cliffnotes. 

Ngl, I was drinking some Jose Tequila deadbird while smoking this stick, so this post will be brief but fun, as I did not remember much about the details about the stick…

I was not drunk, but I like to smoke my cigar, to get intimate with it, without any alcohol, as pointed above. 

However, full in lockdown, still, due to the NORONA, my friend, Tiger, came back from UAE, and brought me my BD gifts, which were, surprise, more cigars. What they were, we’ll keep a surprise and the review of them will appear later.

So it was a fun afternoon Tequila Party, with a Nicaraguan.

I said to my friend, ‘Top two smokes, ever.’

The number one I will discuss another time.

But the second I had cut the cap, I noticed the blade slice through the fine leaves, like butter. Only TOP quality tobacco cuts like THAT. 

I put in my mouth, and took a cold draw. Complex flavors, mostly wood, not grassy, but very chocolatey. 

I then puffed the thing up, gyrating it, full burning all around and inhaled the smoke. It was heaven. The pull was good, finally, and the smoke was smooth and the ash was thick and I held it in my mouth, as I lost sense of time.

The sun was out. My chest warm. Tequila Sunset. 

Life is good.


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