Fury Cigar Review: Romeo y Julieta – Churchill

Fury Cigar Review: Romeo y Julieta – Churchill

Ok, lets get straight into it. Last time I created a nifty cigar review template, which we’ll be usin’ again.

If you didnt notice by now, this is about cigars, Romeo y Julieta (RyJ), and one of its biggest flagships. The Churchill. 

It’s been a long time coming, been dying to smoke the damn stick, but after 66+ cigars, it’s time to review my experience. 


Brand: Romeo y Julieta

Price: 30 – 35$

Origin: Cuban

Strength: Strong

Flavors: Grassy, Wood

Pull: Ok.

Smoke Duration: Lost time – 1h give or take

Price/Quality Ratio: Awesome

The Times

Given the situation we are in, for those reading this in the Future, the COVID-19 virus is now in fullswing. And I am now on full lockdown. 

The time I smoked this Cigar, The Churchill, it was my Birthday, and I had to spent it alone. Which is fine, as I’ve done this multiple times, but the fact a phenomenon outside of my control, this time, willed it upon me wasnt very much to my liking. 

So, I took the chance to have one of my last smokes outside, in the peace and calm.

Outside, the air was electric. Thick, you could cut it with a knife. People were having a drink or coffee or tea. It would be their Last Weekend Day off. For a while. They knew it and oozed it.

I smelled fear. 

I ordered espresso at this joint and sat down and put a timer, and started smoking this Churchill.


Over the course of the hour, and because my stomach was empty, the Cuban started to hit me more potently as I was reaching the finish.

The Strength itself was pretty much consistent from start to finish. This Consistency in Strength alone is worth the sticks price.


The flavors from start to finish were also very consistent. When I first started my cigar journey, I did not notice this effect, or that it was something to look for at all.

But when smoking more cheap cigars, or of lesser quality, you begin to notice the fact that some cigars tend to become kind of tasteless near the end.

As if you’re just smoking Tobacco, and not any brand at all, or a Cuban, or a Dominican whatever. 

You buy a brand, you wanna smoke em.


Wasnt amazing, as most Cubans tend to have, but it was good enough, for the smoke to come into my systems. 


Nothing peculiar to notice. Not incredibly lucious or full or anything. 


All in all, maybe the hype for Cigar smokers is too much for The Churchilll, but it is a fine smoke nonetheless. 

The fact that it was strong and consistent enabled me to enter a deep meditative state, ponder my thoughts, and process some emotions. And it gave me some cool ideas.

This all together was worth the whole Churchill cigar experience and price. Recommend smoke.


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