Hauteur Magazine: The First Issue, Warfare — a Fury review

Hauteur Magazine: The First Issue, Warfare — a Fury review

Today we’re back with a review of one of the products that has been put out in the Twitterverse, and it’s by a bro I know, and you all know. Today we’re reviewing: Hauteur the First Issue.

Who is this from?

The Avtoritet, Twitter Handle: @theavtoritet. You can learn more about the guy, in my Discourse with him.

I’ve known him since 2018 ish, and he’s never put out a product. So it’s fun ride.

What is the product?

The Hauteur magazine is a lifestyle brand. Something luxurous. The brand had started out as a clothing company, and Avtoritet even sold handmade leather shoes. Made in Spain, and shipped across the world. He pivoted, twice, he claims, and now the Hauteur brand is stamped on his mag.

The mag was a sleeper success, and the audience loved it, talking to some of the bros, who purchased the first issue.

“An homage to aesthetics, and warfare.”

Its content is Avtoritet’s famous war thread from Twitter, if you’re interested, go to twitter, and search for it. Or just buy the mag.

The content is high quality, and talks about lots of the wars, Vietnam, Afghan, Iraq, WWI and II, and so forth. The content is catered to military and history buffs.

It reads like high quality tweets, chained together, in an elegant format. There is a reason the thread had done so well, on Twitter.

Now it’s just refurbished, glammed up, and sexy AF, in a glossy magazine, which was available for hardcover, too, during its launch. Not right now, anymore, so you’ll have to wait, till issue two.

So contents is discussed, now the design.

The two core points, or key things, Avtoritet himself had said to me he was banking on, was the way the magazine looked.

He designed the layout himself.

When I saw the layout, the design, the UX, I knew it would be a hit.

Contents are important, ofcourse. We know this. But we also know, the way something looks, FEELS, is just as important.

And the Hauteur magazine, with its carefully selected paintings, by Avtoritet cherrypicked himself, does a solid job at creating a gorgeous glossy coffee table prop.

Finally, I think what’s more important, not really sure if Avtoritet had thought about it. Is the branding.

The feel of it.

Like I said, people need to feel something to buy something.

The Hauteur magazine is an experience. Myself, I read the thing, with some smooth Miles Davis Modal Jazz playing in the background, while sipping some Irish Whiskey Jameson. It paired well, and the experience was memorable.

Other things you read. You forget. This one, not so much. It has to do with the passion of the creator, I believe. He spent a shitton of energy, effort and time into this mag. And it shows. And it spills over, and it exudes, and it feels like it. You feel it.

The product might be on the pricier side. But if you’re not a splurger, and into pampering yourself, this product is not for you. The creator has said so himself. This product has a very specific demograph, a key core customer avatar, and the creator has done this well, and purposefully.

That’s all for today, on the review part.

Stay tuned for the Hauteur magazine Issue TWO, it’s coming next month [August 2020]. I got a huge surprise for you guys.

For now if you want to support me, this blog, and or Avtoritet, go here to purchase the mag, or just to check out what the fuss is all about:

Hauteur First Issue — Warfare.

Check out Avtoritet on TW or IG: @theavtoritet

Also. This review is part of July 2020 big cover story. To read the other parts go here:

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