How to Overcome Writer’s Block

How to Overcome Writer’s Block

First off little disclaimer, writing this straight outta the dome, very meta, bc just came up with the idea to write this thread, implementing straight away, action action action. So if its gonna be a bit nonlinear, chaotic, bare with me, do read every tweet, trust me theres gold.

What are you writing?

Tweet, threads, email newsletters for an audience, Email Campaigns for clients, Blogs, Novel, short stories, theres lot of little labels. BUT, this is what m*rons thought u to CONFUSE you. Lets simplify.

Theres Only three types of writing:

Short form

Mid form

Long form

Thats IT. Tweet is short, email is mid, blog is long. May vary bit here and there, but u gettit. Again SIMPLIFY.

Step one done what are u writing, second More important mb:

WHO are you writing for?

Twitter, IG, cold email, clients, writing group, mom lol.

Usually what matters most is not What ur writing but Who you writing for. Think about it, if u having some thotty cali vape brand on IG, its gonna be short dopa burst writing. Aint nobody reading ur longazz Dissertations.

Lemme stick to what I know:

Tweets, threads, emails, blogs, too.

So reason I never have Writers Block have found is bc of Two Reasons (from speaking with multiple content creators and have own Saga Writing Group where we talk about this)

One, always Have an IDEA what to write about. Topic.

Two, idont rly give a fuck if its Not read. Have written so many tweets and threads to deaf ears. Maillist was thin at first. Idont even know who reads my blog tbh – other day girl said Dont get stabbed lol; SHE read it. Surprised me.

So 1:

IDEAS. Solution VERY simple


I know this sh been beaten to DEATH. Then brought back to life. And beaten back down again, lol. Hard lol. Thing is can harp about it all night long but I journal 24/7. Have a notion, spreadsheet, evernote. For digital purposes, if ur more phone or pc laptop bound. PAPER and pen

always at the ready. Ngl have scraps of paper just lying around my f house, room everywhere. With scraps of IDEAS. This is sourcing f ideas, bc we want to write. YOU dont want to write if YOU DONT have f ideas laying around. Heck even journaling right after done with a girl.

Am truly about that LIFE. GATHERING IDEAS. Analysing, synnthesizing, thinking, overthinking, and then cutting. Trimming the fat. B4 I f derail into tangents. Lemme break it down, very meta, how I wrote this thread for example. I saunter around all day, nothing. I smoke.

Journal is open, on table. Pen right f there, nxt to it. Idea comes. Write it down. In this case idea was, Wait tw algo doing well, saw email of Tw Goat having Thred Ideas, Why am I not writing threads more? New page of journal. 10 Thread ideas. RE lobo and that James Altucher Idea of just writing 10 sh ideas and from that u can cut and select the best.

[This piece of writing is what got me on the Radar of James Altucher. Keep writing. People will keep supporting. Bring out your own voice. People will keep gravitating towards it! Check out the Modern Day Bushido Code Fury James Altucher Show HERE; this is the spotify link]

Write down 10 topics. I did this. Everyone can do this. If u cant. Throw urself away. Come on.

So I check these 10

1 Why dont Fury have Writers block?

OK, open HF, write

So that is the What, and how I got the idea.

The who, in this case, is straighforward. My audience, am already established. And some love to write. Boom, done, no thinking needed. BUT, can imagine if u new to this. ALWAYS think who are u writing for.

This brings us to 2:

Dont give a f what ur writing or who it is for. What I mean by that is people are overhtinking this sh WAY to death. Like wtf. Eg if this sh tanks Ill write a new thread, or blog not read, write new one, cold email, “pls take off list” go to next prospect. Iterate. Speed.

Thing is You are not Stephen King? Are you? Do you have an Audience of 1M people? Do you have the f yips to perform like ur some NBA superstar Writer, Oh this piece of writing has to be the best. NO. FOH.

(More on the Proper Writers Mindset Check out this Guide)

To bring it back, bring it home.

1 Journal, physical or digital
2 Source ideas, everywhere, all the time, capture them
3 Go through those ideas, throw out the trash ones, keep the gold
4 Dont f overthink this whole writing thing, and by god dont overthink all the f steps just given
5 what format u writing, short mid long
6 who are u writing 4


Thank you for reading,


This piece of writing brought me a lot of Eyes on my work, and it is funny how this Question was Raised in My SAGA Writing Community. Its a way of giving back to the people, the people champ, and showcasing what writing can truly do, and to what Heights it can make a person ascend. If you want to support the Writing Cause and or learn the Mastery of Storytelling and join the Writing community, check out SAGA.

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