Hypefury – a Fury Review

Hypefury – a Fury Review

GUYS I know HOW to program! I created a BEAST called HYPE FURY.


Wish I came up with such a cool name, but no…

This baby is the creation of Samy Dindane. 

Samy was JUST a programmer on Twitter – talking about stuff, and programming, and deadlifting, until he made Hypefury – which then became a success and people started giving Samy waaaay more respect. A lesson there really…

What is hypefury?

It’s a scheduling tool for tweets. Basically it automates your tweets. That’s it. 

That’s it…?

Well a lot of people have been using Hypefury. Jose Rosado, Charles Miller, Rollo Tomassi, and the list goes on and on, really.

For me personally, as of writing, I’ve ONLY been on the paid plan for 2 week I think, as of writing…but damn it feels like an eternity.

Hypefury is the catalyst to my own perfect tweeting ritual.

Why is hypefury so cool, and effective?

One of its biggest assets, or perhaps THE biggest, is the User Interface (UI). Now I won’t go and say I’ve used all the scheduling tools that exist – socialbee, tweetdeck, smarterque et cetera. 

But I have used Buffer. Just cos it had a free plan. We all have humble beginnings…

But it could ONLY schedule 10 (while not on the paid Buffer plan) – So when I wanted to upgrade, I thought of Hypefury – I knew when Samy first started out, he had approached me, and I thought you know what, I’ll just support him, after giving the free trial of Hypefury a go.

And it stuck. 

The design drew me in, and the efficiency of it all made me stay. It has a cool automated plug feature –  as soon as a tweet goes viral, or meets a condition of let’s say 3 RTs and 10 likes, it plugs a secondary tweet underneath it, this can be a link to a lead magnet, your blog, or your newsletter. Very nifty.

These days it has a feature which posts a tweet straight to Instagram, if you’re into that. 

Hypefury also understands its audience. The customer service is fast, and its creators think a lot about their users. For example, Gumroad is heavily used in certain spheres of Twitter, and now Hypefury has a cool Gumroad integration, which shows how much money you made this month with Gumroad.

Yesterday I used the save draft feature for the first time. To write a thread I might use, for a later date. 

I was very pleased with the result. I will be using it more often. 

Hypefury is just very enjoyable to use. 

One can say about Hypefury, in the words of Steve Jobs, Design is not just how it looks, but how works.

Check out Hypefury

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