Men, Women, and Relationship Dynamics

Men, Women, and Relationship Dynamics

Guest Post by Evil Saint, tw handle: @sanctemalum.


The subject of men, women, and relationship dynamics has been pondered upon from the beginning of time and one that will be pondered upon till the end of time.

In passing, I shall be giving my two cents on the matter as I have come to discover like many before me and like many that will come long after I am gone.

This is my gospel, it is what I know, and I believe it will serve you greatly if you consider it with an open mind and a willing heart.

The aim of trying to understand has always been to then improve said situation.

Men want to understand women to keep them and have more of them. women want to understand men to know what men want and to be able to attract the type of men they want, and often not the type they ‘think’ they want.

Men and women are very different and to think otherwise would be utter foolishness. Biologically, and physiologically men and women are fundamentally different.

1 Understanding Women

The first and most important element to be touched on when entering the subject of the relationship between the two genders is women.

Most consider women the enigmatic ones. They are the puzzle that needs to be solved. But are they?

Women are not that hard to understand. Certain things apply to all women, save a tiny minority, which is the outliers.

Because women cannot compete with men in the physical arena, they happen to adapt to other ways of getting what they want.

Seduction, pragmatism, and indirect means of communication also known as 70% of the way we communicate are employed by them.

Women use body language and subtle signaling more often and more effectively than men. They learn from an early age to read people because it is paramount to their survival.

A man can afford to be caught off guard in a high-risk environment. A woman, on the other hand, cannot. Her inability to physically defend herself demands she is forewarned of impending danger and take necessary precautions.

It is a survival mechanism women have evolved into and as such become a part of female nature.

This is why women care more about the tone of voice as opposed to what is being said.

This is why women care more about what you say than what you look like.

Women are gotten easier through lies than visuals.

If you can bypass her bullshit radar, you’ll get to her far easier than if you look like a Greek God.

Women communicate more via subtext than through direct verbal means. They expect men to understand when they are upset without having to verbalize it.

They expect you to know they are uncomfortable with the situation and would like to leave the environment, without having to say it.

They enjoy gossiping with their friends more than they do physical activities because gossip is a way to showcase their communication prowess. Whilst men enjoy physical activities because it is a way to showcase their physical dominance and strength.

When a woman says she loves you she could mean several things, most of which might not be ‘love’ and ‘you.’ She could mean ‘I love your money’ and she could equally mean ‘I love the way you make me feel.’

This does not make women bad people. It means quite the opposite. These are delicate flowers that need protecting, and more importantly, understanding.

To understand women is to show them the greatest love possible. To understand women and still ‘love’ them is divine.

2 Understanding Men

Most people think men are easy to understand, but if you look at the current state that we are in you will get to understand that men may not be that easy for your average person.

A very touchy subject is the subject of polygamy.

It is almost impossible for your average person to understand why men can be polygamous and not women. The idea does not make sense to the average guy.

To a man, love is the equivalent of protecting the object of his desire, providing for it, and ensuring it is blossoming to the max.

Women, however, come from a different angle when we talk about the subject of love…

We’ll get to that later.

About Men:

Naturally, men tend to be idealistic in love. They form a mental image of the perfect lady and then project that image unto the woman they are with. This effectively ignores all her flaws and puts her on a pedestal. This is why most men find it hard to believe when she cheats.

Men communicate directly. If a man doesn’t like you, he’ll tell you straight to your face, and if you don’t like how he says it you may as well throw a punch and let it roll. More confrontational and direct is why men start wars and not women.

When a guy has a close female friend, 90%+ of the time he wants to have sex with her. 99% of men would agree to it if their female friend asked to have sex. This is why being friends with a woman is usually not genuine for men. Most are hoping for some action in the future.

The possibility of him drugging and raping her is REAL Women keep male friends because they enjoy male attention and validation: orbiters.

This increases their self-esteem. The men they keep around are usually looking for sex but clueless about how to get it. Men want superiority. Men enjoy leading; they enjoy being looked up to. When subjugated, they either lose their masculinity or rebel. Boys become rebellious once they start experiencing their first surge in testosterone levels, usually during puberty

This is why we have more male criminals/con artists than women – rebellion and determination to get their way regardless of the odds.

Women can be shamed into compliance because they care about their public image. But a man needs to be incentivized in order not to do something. Most men will not mind being seen as scum as long as they get their way. Zero care for public image. This is why more men fight in public.

Males are naturally protective of the female gender. This is why a 14-year-old boy would fight a grown man to protect his mother, while a 14-year-old girl won’t (most of the time). Being physically stronger, naturally, they instinctively take it as their responsibility.

Both men and women can be hypocrites. But, men can’t convince themselves they aren’t hypocritical when they behave as such. Women can convince themselves they aren’t wrong even when they are. Men can’t. A man will be aware of his BS, even denial.

Men are polygamous. Many hate to admit this. *I’m not endorsing polygamy*

Men like having more than one woman at a time. Unlike a woman, who can only form an emotional bond with one man at a time, a man can love more than one woman without diminishing his love for either. It is for the same reason men can have sex **without emotional attachments** and without having to be desensitized. For a woman to do this, she’d have to be desensitized (traumatized to the point where she no longer feels anything)— e.g. prostitutes

This is because men can have sex for the sake of sex alone, but women need to form an emotional bond before having sex. Also why when a woman cheats, the relationship would most likely fail.

Most breakups are initiated by the woman because although a man may no longer be interested in the relationship, he’s most likely to ‘not want to hurt her.’

Going back to the ‘being protective,’ he drags on. But a woman will call it quits as soon as she no longer finds the relationship appealing.

A lot of men feel remorse even after years of breakup and are most likely to accept if their ex asks to come back. Women move on faster (as soon as she forms a strong emotional bond with another, she would have forgotten him), depending on how strong she bonded with him.

Men want power, women want attention.

When a man gets power, he will use it to get what he wants; which is usually a long list of things that make him look even more powerful. Men tend to be more egotistic because society only values powerful men. A weak man is resented by all, including by himself. Even men don’t care about men’s well-being, but everyone protects the female.

This is why many men like to brag. They want to be appreciated and seen as competent and valuable.

A man can concede in an argument without feeling shame or anything, but when it comes to conceding against someone he considers **below him** the ego usually gets bruised because it is telling of either incompetence or lack of legitimacy. Men care about their competence.

If a man is not sexually attracted to a woman, the chances that he will be in the future are practically 0. Men idealize physical appearance in women. Not attracted = doesn’t fit his idealized image Women think if they sleep with a man he’ll love them more. Nope

The same reason there are more men in prisons than women is why there are also more men in high political/corporate positions than women, and also why men are responsible for most of humanity’s progress technologically and otherwise.

That reason is that ‘men take more risks and are aggressively determined directly to get what they want.’ High T is responsible.

Every man wants to be the king of something. It doesn’t matter how small the domain is, men, want something they can say ‘I’m in control of this. This is mine. I’m king here.’ Women don’t usually care about this as long as they get attention and what they want.

Men love competition more than the prize. This is why most athletic games, sports, and mental games were invented by men. They enjoy comparing their abilities against other men and want to be seen as competent by other men.

3 Men and Women

The idea that men and women are the same is a fallacy.

The things that make us different are also the things that make us each useful and beautiful in our way. Men can do things women can’t and women can do things men can, but it is only in the synergy of the two that a whole is realized.

If this distinction were not there, neither of the two would be useful in the way that they are, because in complementing each other, we fill in our lapses as well as that of our partner.

The idea of feminism is one cancer that has managed to seep its root deep within the minds of unsuspecting innocents and has led to the detriment of many a beautiful flower.

There are a lot of theories as to how feminism came to be, but we will not dive into that here.

“The beauty of the genders is that they are not the same, but that they complement each other.”- Evil Saint

4 The Friendship Paradox

Men are biologically wired to find a mate and reproduce.

This is primal and works on auto. Telling a man not to reproduce when he’s with a beautiful woman is like telling him not to eat when the food is right in front of him: he might stop himself from eating, but it doesn’t mean he does not WANT to eat.

This is the friendship paradox.

Women think men want to be friends. Women love attention and friendship provides that. But men do not want to be women’s friends. Men want to have sex.

Might seem a little straightforward and vulgar, but that is the fact.

If a man is friends with a woman it is only because that is as far as she will allow him to get close to her.

Men who ‘remain’ within this boundary either cannot push it further or simply do not possess the qualities a woman desires in a man.

Qualities such as physical appearance, masculinity, assertiveness, leadership in the relationship, and a healthy dose of egotism.

They are banished to the shadow realm, to wander blind and sexless while providing attention to the woman whenever she so requires.

The friendship between men and women only benefits the woman.

But of course, most women will deny this because admitting it would equal admitting all their ‘male friends’ are nothing but useful males they can exploit for their benefits.

Another reason men and women cannot be friends is that men are more active and outgoing, they enjoy doing stuff, while women are more in tune with their emotions, and they enjoy discussions, gossip, etc.

When a group of male friends meets up, they want to go hiking, camping, playing football, etc.

When a group of female friends meets up they want to do house sleepovers, go out to dinner, etc.

You’ll never find a group of men planning a sleepover.

5 Healthy Relationships Look Unhealthy

Healthy romantic relationships look unhealthy to onlookers for a plethora of reasons, which I am going to explain.

The dynamic that sets the tone for a powerful relationship; is ALWAYS where the woman is obsessed with the man and he adores her to death…

What makes such a relationship possible does not make sense to the average guy, and this creates the illusion of an unhealthy relationship.

Women do not kill themselves over average guys. They do not have sleepless nights over Joe who is there all the time, loves her so much he’ll do anything to be with her, and always apologizes when he does something wrong.

Women kill themselves over superheroes; men who disappear to conquer the world, are too proud to say ‘sorry’ to her even when they mess up, treat her like a child, and YET love her to death.

For her, knowing how much he loves her and refusing to give up his masculinity is the single greatest attractive quality a man can have.

Here’s my formula for a healthy relationship (for men): 

1 Never Apologize

You must always be right; even when you’re wrong.

Call it toxic masculinity. Even when you verbally apologize (only when the situation is very serious like your carelessness leading to the death of the dog) always half-ass the apology.

She must never feel like you’re genuinely, wholeheartedly sorry for something you did.

2 Never Beg

Playfully, seriously, I don’t care in what context. Never beg her. Even If she throws a tantrum, disappear. Let her look for you and apologize for her behavior.

3 Bully Her Daily

Every conversation must have some subtle element of bullying. The correct mixture is bullying, a bit of romance, and some arrogance to top it off. Show her you love her, but you enjoy bullying her as well. A bit off track but consider that the bond between a brother and sister is very strong because of the element of bullying. Even if the brother is the younger one, he will still bully his sister. Bring this dynamic into your relationship, plus it is enjoyable.

4 Don’t Make Joint Decisions

Decide and let her know what’s going to happen.

“Hey babe, so how are we gonna…” you’re trying to include her in decision-making and thinking in the relationship. That’s your responsibility. Stop sharing your responsibilities and handle them as you should. Give her updates on what’s happening.

5 Other Guys

There’s always this idea that pretending like you don’t care about other guys hitting on her will make her love you more because you’re not the jealous type. You’re wrong my friend. You must show her you do care. After all, you want her, so don’t show a willingness to share. Say things like “I don’t want you talking to that guy…” then do absolutely NOTHING to ensure she severs the connection. Just tell her and know she will do what you say. Don’t threaten her with “I will end the relationship” or any of that shit.

6 Never Make Threats

If you’re going to do it, do it. Don’t make threats. Threats are for those who are undecided about what they want to do. You’re trying to force her into compliance which is evident you’ve lost your authority in the relationship.

7 Never Be Bitter

If she does something that offends you, ignore her. If she calls, pick up. Don’t busy her calls. Tell her you will talk later, and call her when you feel like it. Don’t throw temper tantrums; speak normally with no emotions in your voice. You’re not maintaining a frame, you’re being an entity worthy of worship. One she can look up to, who is above the pettiness she is prone to.

The only acceptable relationship dynamic between a man and his lover is that in which she obsesses over him. Anything less is unacceptable. If you’re obsessed with her then the relationship is upside down and will never work.

6 What Makes Relationships Last

I’m no relationship expert.

The things I’ve said here are all things I know work, but take all with a grain of salt.

However, if I were to put in the simplest of ways what makes a relationship last, here is how I would do it.

When a woman has accepted the true masculine nature of the man she is with, and understands that he is not to be tame, but love; and when a man truly adores his woman and will do anything to protect and provide for her WITHOUT giving up his true masculine nature.

You’re probably wondering why I didn’t mention the woman having to be feminine. That is because a masculine man who is loved by his woman MAKES her feminine. But a feminine woman does not a masculine man make.

The man being masculine is more important for the success of the relationship than the woman being feminine.

A feminine woman will always suffer in the hands of a weak and emasculated man, but she will find comfort with a masculine man.

A woman who isn’t feminine will take advantage of the ‘loophole’ an emasculated man has provided, and she will take control of the relationship out of a necessity for leadership (because the man fails to lead, she must step up to the task). This leads to a lack of fulfillment on both sides.

7 In Closing

Humanity is a beautiful thing.

It is wonderful that we come in twos. We get to enjoy the company of one another, complete each other and share life in a way that two identical people may not be able to.

The content of this piece is not meant to incite you, nor degrade any of the genders and I am aware that this piece is not appealing to the public.

If anything, consider these poetic ruminations; and if you find any of the takes here do not match the way you view reality, it is still super; not all of us can be me.

Thank you so much for stopping by once more, and reading, it means the world.

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