Obsessed by Joe Lampton – a Fury Review

Obsessed by Joe Lampton – a Fury Review

Word Count: 1300

Read Time: 15-20 min.

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Been thinking a lot about writing this, whether I should, or not. Then I thought, honestly, fuck it I don’t care.

Writing is about expression, full expression. And my blog is my terrain, I can do the fuck I ever want.

I don’t like writing much about dating, and sex, and relations, and inter-sexual dynamics, cos there is a lot out there. Lot of trash, and good stuff, noise and signal. 

And people tend to label you a certain way.

Now what’s this about. 

This about Joe Lampton, and his book Obsessed.

Joe lampton, a man who came on Twitter late 2019, @joe_lampton, he has about 8000+ followers, works in the adult industry, putting women on cam. He can fight, MMA, does weights, and is a certified hustler. A man who loves to win, and is candid as hell about it.

Born in Romania, and quite from another world than ours. The East is very different than the West. 

Now they say to me Fury, careful who you affiliate – Fury, if one person is bad, and you affiliate for them, your name, reputation, and brand will be tarnished too.

So that leaves the first question?

How bad is Joe? – That is NOT what this post is going to be about. Why? I don’t have time for that. No joke.

How legit is Joe? – How much does he make, are those girls he has real, is he really friends with the Tates, does he scam people? – you might think VERY differently about me after reading this. But I don’t care. The guy’s not a criminal. I think. But, I mean, he’s not in jail. 

That said – this post will be SOLELY about the validity of his First Book – Guide – OBSESSED

I am an observer, a writer, reviewer. I take notes. I learn. I write it up. That’s what I do. 

End of last year, Joe approached me and said hey Fury let’s make some money. I’ll send you a free copy of my book. Like it, promote it. I’ll affiliate you.

That’s the thing about me – I’m a certified hustler. A pragmatist. I wasn’t heavy into affiliates back then. But the thing is I would go VERY far, to sell. I am a changed man, these days. Like you wouldn’t even know. Life taught me whole lotta things. And it led me to one core belief. SELL. 

People ask me – Would you SELL without morals, ethics? – blablablalba

I’m quite a – how do you say this – Cynical person. Dark sometimes. The thing is the world aint fair. The things I’ve seen. The things people get away with. You think they DESERVE to get that. Or I get to DESERVE this or that, or less or more. NO. The world doesnt work that way. Not what I’ve seen. 

This book is a guide – with some rules – and it sells and it makes money. 

Now about the RULES

Let’s dig into the fucking book and stop talking bout intellectual babblings.


Straight from the get-go Joe sets the tone with his book:

An obsessed female is a high-value asset.

He doesn’t pull punches, at all. Lot of people beat around the bush. Joe does not. You can word it differently. But truth be told, a woman either builds you, or breaks you. That simple. 

Understanding this as a man is a necessity. The sooner you learn this, the better. Oh, trust me, you WILL learn. 

The preface really sets the tone on what to expect and throws in Joe’s philosophy in there:

For a woman to be with me, she must serve a purpose, she must be

useful. She must be a soldier who’s gonna assist me in reaching my next

objective. Also, I believe that a man is wired to have sex with multiple females. A

woman must be loyal to a man. A man must be loyal to his mission. And his mission is to dominate his reality.


The book is divided in 5 chapters. Quantitatively it’s not much. Yes it’s only 40 pages. One of the biggest hates on this guide is how short it is. In my opinion, I’m a book reader, I wouldn’t buy a book in the bookstore for $99. Then again I got this one for FREE – cos I’m in a position where people send me stuff, to review, or to promote, or whatever.

That SAID, Twitter taught me an interesting concept: If you solve a problem, you can charge more. 

An example is fitness twitter. There they sell Training Programs. Essentially it’s just books, just some pages, ten, maybe twenty tops, with a very high price tag on it. 50 or 60 bucks idk.

The thing is The Digital Market is shifting – You can charge $99 for a Guide with Rules – if it solves a problem. 

The problem in this case: You’re girl AINT obsessed with you. 

Do you want her to be that way? 

Well, that’s up to your personal preferences. I’ve had dating experts, and friends who are successful with women, in their own right and way, give me the pros and cons. 

Again – I’m not selling you on my views, Joe’s, or pushing this book on you – or trying to sell it to you. Just laying out info.


While chapter one goes into the mindset one should have with women, chapter two is imo the bread and butter of the guide. 

It lays down these VERY simple RULES – not guidelines – HARD rules for females to FOLLOW. Or it is the highway for them.

You can look up Andrew Tate’s or Joe’s Twitter or Telegram – If you’re familiar with their content, you’re quite familiar with these kinds of rules Pimps use. One who has experience in D/s relationships would have a good grasp on it, too.

If you’ve never heard about these rules, and believe in them, and implement in them – honestly I am saying this these rules alone are worth the price. 


I’ve been interacting with women, AFTER I read this book, and experimenting with my own flavor of game – texting, chatting, dating – and I believe:

If you implement the rules laid out in Obsessed, a woman, if she chooses to follow, will become obsessed with you. 

I can’t see another way.

Ngl I just read through the 15 rules – just 15 rules –  but if a woman follows ALL of them – you got yourself a dedicated, loyal woman for life. I’m here giggling in the dark typing this, man.

You’re not hurting her, not physical at least. You’re not blackmailing her, not directly. You are saying I want this, this, this, and this. If she complies, she stays, She doesn’t? It’s goodbye. 

Rude. Yes. Ruthless. Yes. 

Women hate/misogynistic. No. Not imo. I’ve looked up the definition. 

Parasite. dk. Degenerate. dk. 

Sex and Perception and Frame

The book teaches you to view sex as Leverage. Intuitively, we men know that if you fuck a woman good, she will be more in love with you, than if you don’t. If your performance in the bedroom is stellar, you have more leeway. 

He then goes on about frame, and mindset, and perception of you in the woman’s eyes. It’s good shit, really. But nothing particularly unique in the world of Hardcore game fanatics. Again, if you’ve never read these kinds of things, you will be shocked probably.

I just finished reading it. And the last part talks about dominance in the bedroom, cheating on your girlfriend, and using your friends as weapons to make her fall more in your frame. 

The whole book is about psychological warfare with your girl.

It’s not long. It’s not for everybody. It’s not ethical if it does not align with certain worldviews you hold.

But thinking about the problem it suggests: Is your girl obsessed with you?

Honestly, if you read this, and want your girl to be obsessed, and you implement what’s in this book. Then yes, you’re girl will be obsessed with you.

Check out Obsessed: https://gumroad.com/a/263615603 

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