Origin Story

DIE a legend

My name is Fury. I did not chose this name, it chose me. It’s a symbol of channeling my past pain and regret into my future decisions. Conquests and Victories. 

Like any normal man, I chose a path. One day I woke up, and I did not like how I positioned myself. Regarding the big Three. Health, wealth, Relations.

Now, I seek to implement the past lessons, in my present, and posterity. I have done many a crazy shit. Ran the marathon twice. 

My drinking capacities rivals Thor. My liver Titanium.

My propensity to smoke is profound. Cigars is a hobby. 

I have built 4 ports in Saudi Arabia.

I am a Writer, compared with Rimbaud, Hemingway, Bukowski, Sanction, Thompson. 

Getting punched in the face is sweet.

Simply put I am a bon vivant, aiming to get the most out of my life. In all its facets. My mission on this planet is to obtain FREEDOM. And to go down as a Legend. 

Follow me, work together with me, side by side, and we will be Legends.