Path to Journaling by Ryan Felman – a Fury Review

Path to Journaling by Ryan Felman – a Fury Review

Word Count: 800

Read Time: 5 – 10 min.

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Ryan Felman is a big name on Twitter with his account @pathtomanliness he has garnered 60k+ followers. And I got to know him when he was just 1000 followers!

I’ve spoken with him a lot, and been on his podcast. He’s given me advice multiple times, and let me guest blog on his site. Heck, he’s probably the main reason you’re reading this now on my OWN blog – he said, Fury make a blog, there’s no one like you, lots of people will want to read your blog. So here we are.

Today I’m discussing writing, and specifically journalling, and the book PTM (pathtomanliness) put out. Aptly named, Path to Journaling

It’s co-authored with Paul Domenick, also a very cool cat I got to know on Twitter, and with who I finished a very insightful call the other week – while as if writing we’re on lock cos of the Corona virus pandemic. 

Back to writing. 

PTM has a way with first sentences, as all writers should. He grasps you from the get-go, and doesn’t let go till the end. His books are like stories in itself. That’s what makes them fun, in a sense. You learn, absorb the knowledge, but he entertains you along the way, with his writing style, examples of real life, and metaphors. In short, he makes it more personal, more Ryan. More PTM.

Why Write?

In general, you might wonder why write at all. Why become a writer. Well writing can do a lot. Making you formulate your thoughts better. Make you money. Manifest your deepest thoughts on paper, setting goals. 

I can write all day about writing. 

PTM sets that straight, from the beginning. Writing made him a better person, in all facets. And it can do the same for you. 

He adds these cool writing prompts at the end of each chapter. I think this is for somebody who is new to the writing game. You know, don’t know where to start kinda thing. 

If you’re an adept in writing, and journaling, and self-improvement, and thinking – well its a great read still, but not so much for the info, but more the PTM story.


In journaling, the following comes up a lot:


-goal setting


In life, you gonna get hit by lots of problems. That’s fine. We have good, and bad days. Thing is we need to reflect, and analyze. How do we do this?

Writing our thoughts about the problems down – Journalling. 

Lot of you don’t do this, and it shows. No offense. But the thing is, the hard truth is, when you wanna go from A, to B. When you wanna level up, you gotta take notes. 

Take notice of what went wrong, what went right, and what can go better. Three very basic stuff, but essential for GROWTH.

Another Journalling theme is Self Discovery

Lot of you just dont KNOW yourselves. And this shows. If I ask you, what’s your plan like? You life plan. And you don’t know. Damn, youre fuck outta luck. People are gonna run your MF life!

It’s your life man. You gotta know what you want. What do you like, and why? What are your hobbies, your passions? What women do you like, why, why not? What food do you like? What do you like to drink, or smoke, why or why not? Etc, etc.

The path to a fulfilled life is knowing what you want, and knowing how to get there. That starts with one simple step. Writing it down. Journal.

I just finished re-reading it. This about what I have to share about writing, and journaling specifically, and the PTM guide. 

Thing is, everyone should Journal IMO, been doing it since I was a kid. My voice is unparalleled in the writing world, and my style inimitable. Cos I wrote, and wrote, and wrote. 

One big thing PTM talks about, which I talk a lot about too is the healing effects of writing. 

Writing is for the mind and the soul. The conscience. The paper absorbs your negativity, your dark thoughts. 

The blank page is like a friend, with arms wide open, non judgemental, just waiting to lend an ear. 

Check Out the Path to Journalling.

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