Podcast with Chance Lunceford, a man who has gone through darkness, and come out on the otherside. His takes on life, mentality, are unparalleled.

Podcast with Abuamerican. A special man. Who lives a life unlike others. His life experiences make him a very well versed man in all facets. This shows in our talk.

The Tate x Fury podcast. Perhaps my most famous one. I was in Thailand. Late to the podcast. And just blasted a quadka. I knew I was going to be late, so I had let Avtoritet asked the only questions I wanted to ask Tate. I appear later, watch for marker: 1h5m.

This is my latest and perhaps best podcast to date. The vibe was there between me and coach, given our similar backgrounds. I held no punches, and went full out on my life philosophies.