Smooth Operator –  a Fury Review

Smooth Operator – a Fury Review

Read till the end, for a fun anecdote…

We’re back with another review of the notorious Joe Lampton. This time it’s his second guide Smooth Operator.

Now, we all know the hate Joe gets, if you want my take, go here

Joe Lampton is a Romanian who works in the adult-industry and is prominent on Twitter, with the written word, and more visually, flexing, on Instagram. He’s got quite a following, almost 9k on Twitter – talking about dating, intersexual dynamics, webcam studios, aggressive mindset, and how to win at life.

Today I will try to give you an objective review of his latest product.

Personally I think the name smooth operator is cool. It fits in line with Joe’s brand on Twitter and other social media platforms (let’s not go into the legitimacy of his doings et cetera). His brand is catered to young men, and people striving to do better in their dating life. 

Or as Joe would say, “If you want down-ass bitches…”


Straight out of the gate what is very noticeable is that Smooth Operator has improved massively from his previous book Obsessed, in terms of design. Smooth Operator is sleek. Either Joe learned to design himself, or got help, or outsourced it.

The subtitle is very clear in the goal of the book: how to build a better instagram that attracts more women.

So let’s see if the contents hold up to this promise…


What’s interesting about Andrew Tate and Joe Lampton is that they use Instagram fully, and lethally, and for what it actually is.

A dating site. 

If you didn’t know by now, now you know. 

It’s quite fun, to be honest, you can flex, you can DM girls, and you can get numbers, which will lead to dates, et cetera. 

Read on for the funny story at the end…


So the Perception needs to be changed, Instagram is for picking up chicks. Joe gets that. And speaks of positioning. 

Be the top 1% in town, and position yourself as such. 

Then Joe comes up with some VERY logical tricks – secrets in a way, but not really, if you think deep about it – I won’t spoil it. 

But he understands how modern day men AND women operate in urban environments these days. Top dogs fuck the most and best women, in your city, this is a known fact, and pareto’s law can be applied to it. 

Top dogs must be emulated. 


Joe goes on to list how to pimp your profile, your profile pic, and what type of posts to publish. Very logical and simple stuff, really, like I said.

THEN lmao he comes with tactic – I told you to read till the end…right? – this tactic is kinda smart, in a devious way…

The guide is expensive, though, and not for everyone who is not financially well off. It’s not an essential in times of crisis, but is a powerful tool in your dating arsenal. 

Like I said, Instagram is a dating site, and can be wielded to your benefit. 

The tactics are simple to implement and obvious if you put in the work yourself, but if you want to pay for information that will speed up your process and growth this guide is for you. 

Now read on for the story I promised and my OWN experiences with Smooth Operator…

So his own private group Revenge and The War Room, another group from Andrew Tate, have been using it to grow their accounts with success.

I have been using it, too. I grew 100 ish followers and haven’t given it THAT much energy, really.

I did it used the ‘dirty’ tactic I mentioned earlier. I promised you an anecdote, right?

So the dedicated reviewer I am, I wanted to test Smooth Operator first, to see if it works. 

And boy, it did. I’m not even kidding. The tactic I mentioned earlier, the SAME day I used it.

One girl who I have been chatting with for quite some months – she likes me – she got PISSED…

Now you’re thinking huh is that the idea of attracting women?

Well, if you can make a woman MAD, it means you can make her FEEL. If you have no influence on a woman’s internal emotional system, you mean nothing to her. So her getting angry is an indicator of her interest in you.

I’m still talking to the girl…

That’s it for today, y’all.

If you wanna build your instagram and get more women.

Check out Smooth Operator.

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