The dragon descended to the dirt and
walked among dionysian fairies,
distractions and denizens of the Fallen cities

in the sky
Their fingers reached out to his radiance, like flowers unrooting with desire to fly

to the sun’s mantle
From the moon she spies such schisms with despondent,

yet dangerous and superdreadnought intentions, and incantations she
  the moondust hovers like a ghost
A Singular particle jettisons of the surface,
into Outer space, starting its interstellar
Along its shaft her serene spells had seared symbols.
It said,
I’ll claw their eyes Out.
He heard the smile in her voice; their starcrossed
throats transferred the miasmic vicegrip.

The dragon unfurled round the dragon.
And entered the dragon,
who entered who
the lunatics laughed at the fall of cities, countries on fire, thrones toppled
Empires in Embers.
His metal claw close to her neck, his nails like
swords, he draws her near.
The flames reflecting in his dark eyes with a gargantuous glint.
He smirks. He whispers: Just for you.

The Draconian lord has transported to the
      There he sits amongst the meteorshowers
      and watches his reign rain away in a rapture
      of rockets.

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