The Sayonara Goodbye

The Sayonara Goodbye

another office story

First day of Work. The coffee lady. It has a fancier Name I Always forgot But she fixes loads, for The office. She is hot and latina but bit older. I liked her. Still do. I snipered her The second I entered the building. But office politics and what not. I kept @ Bay.

kept her in Mind tho. My gut was – is – right. She looked well put together. Grace, and Class, and style. Wore a tan salmon beige jacket, combined with black. I noticed. Day went by, and It was my first Day, and would not approach her, and I Just acclimated.

I went to the Free Coffee Enabler I mean – they literally Pay me – To Shovel Quadruple Espresso. There i Saw her again. Didn’t approach. Walked away. But. I dropped something. By accident – ain’t no Fairy Tale – aint no Fairy Who plays lame ass games – dropping shit – oops.

She said I dropped smth. I said ain’t mine. It was. We chatted. @ Point I said you engineer, too? Huh, she said. No silly. I manage the office. Then she added: “Not in my whole time that I’ve worked Here – which is long – has ANYONE EVER talked to me.” I break it down.

Its most likely a combination Of 1 and 3. Men fear, and to talk to woman even more. Dutch arent inherently rascist BUT they have Class segragation To a Fault They – subconsciously for Most I think, purpose FULLY by The rest – look down if you are ‘dumb’.

Handled Trash when we chatted after I asked if Store was still Open. It was cute and fun and Nice and she smiled. No prejudices. She taught engineering was cool, tho. Not my fault. She studied psychology. It does not matter what you do. But who You are. Moving on:

I talked to a painter. Before, I talked to a Designer, @ Work – they have a ‘lower’ degree – Good Talk. I asked HIM advice, Just as much as he me. Before that a fellow construction engineer, and My project leader. And Before that The ‘coffee lady’.


Sayonara Goodbye. Ronins drift. Stroll, and walk about. They cut down – KIRI. Then they leave – SUTE. It Also means people leave you, semantically. The coffee lady Will leave. I knew this when I started at Day one. She was sick of the phonies @ Work. Her words. Not Mine.

I forgot when she would leave, and I was working for a week in Rotterdam, and I missed her, and when I came back to Amsterdam I thought she left the office already. Sayonara. I didn’t ask about her. This Monday I was greeted with a full: HELLO. Her voice Made my day.

She, indirect as most women are, charmed me outside. In the crisp cold clear Amsterdam noon air. We laughed, and chatted. She couldnt wait, to leave, and start over. I felt a twinge, in my heart. She said she’ll be back. I didn’t ask.

We touched back on the subject, why some are afraid, and shallow, and not open, and not direct. She said I was the Reverse of all. I nodded. She Said she thought about me. I nodded. I said same. I said, I remember that first Day. She nodded.

I left without goodbye today again, or she left withouth. I’ll See her tomorrow. And friday. And she will See me. After that: She will leave, soon. Or I will leave. Sayonara. Goodbye.

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