The Vitruvian Man – Premiere of Fury Discourses

The Vitruvian Man – Premiere of Fury Discourses

Today I have a very special fucking treat for you guys.

I proudly present to you guys The Premiere of:

Fury Discourses.

I will have sit-downs with the baddest, the balls out craziest, most MF savages on the ogoddamn planet.

The Brightest.

On Today’s first issue of this stunning series, I present you:

The Vitruvian Man – A Man of The World

I cannot put into words the feelings, the sensations that went through me reading the answers of him to my questions. I will analyze them – break them down for techniques, I might share that.

The Vitruvian Man (VM) is lethal, financially in another world. A fucking Cypher. A Ninja. Someone who, calmly, gladly, operates in the shadows.

Without further ado.

I presnt to your the Fury x Vitruvian Man Discourse.

For your eyes only:


What is the book, or books you’ve given most as a gift, and why? Or what are one to three books that have greatly influenced your life?


Sheer number wise, I have given The Holy Bible as a gift the most.

Mission work, earlier in life lends the opportunity to give many thousands of bibles.

Outside of this – America’s 60 Families by Ferdinand Lundberg.

I find this book to be an excellent conversation starter.

It details portions of American history that many don’t readily recall.

And, in addition, it presents ideas that everything we read in the history books may not be retold exactly as they happened.


What purchase of $100 or less has most positively impacted your life in the last six months, or in recent memory?

Specific brands, models, where you found it, etc.


I recently added to personal every day carry an IFAK, or Individual First Aid Kit.

Prior to this update, I had always carried enough aid to treat myself in the event of medical trauma, etc.

My recent additions included: 2 CAT Tourniquets, 1 RATS Tourniquet, and Quick Clot.

Thought being, in the event someone in proximity to me sustains a medical trauma, I’ll be properly prepared and equipped to render aid – young, old, etc… I now have better confidence that when shit hits the fan, I will have a better chance of saving my life, as well as someone around me.


How has a failure, or apparent failure, set you up for later success? Do you have a favorite failure of yours?


From the jump, I know vividly what is like to lose everything – not some anecdotal story of losing all you money at the casino or forgetting a precious family heirloom on vacation.

I am talking lose everything, in the full meaning of the words.

This total loss and complementing failures established for me in plain English 4 key takeaways:

a. Every decision has dire consequences.

b. Loyalty takes extreme follow-through and if practiced completely will sometimes result in ultimately extreme contrarian decisions having to be executed. I now know I am LOYAL.

c. Being a fall guy for someone(s) of great power earns you unfathomable leverage – this is if you survive the immediate and subsequent doom.

d. Time doesn’t heal all wounds.

In brevity, my favorite failure is my worst and the premise for the above.

I willingly took the fall and heat for a colleague’s alleged fraud north of a [Redacted] MM.

This resulted in drastic measures, foregoing of established ventures and plans, digging a defensive position that was a mile wide to bear the onslaught of impending fights, legal action, further…, amongst many other negative externalities – loss of all friends and close relationships, loss of my planned fiancé, and much more.

I learned first, any war can be won if you put the right combination of tools and efforts towards each evolving problem.

You awake every day with a to-do list knowing the opposition is doing everything they can to sink you, put you in the dirt, and make you pay.

The burning desire to be back atop the empire I had burns strong.

I have an ever-present motivation to be on top of my shit, ALL the time.

ALWAYS be 4, 5 steps ahead of my competition.

ALWAYS have sufficient intelligence and spies amongst any group you intend to associate with.

Success for me now is sweet, I know the complete opposite.

In time, I hope to elaborate and share the full story.

Perhaps, you’ll get the exclusive on this Fury.

VM loves high stakes.


If you could have a gigantic billboard anywhere with anything on it – metaphorically speaking, getting a message out to millions or billions – what would it say and why? 

A few words, or a paragraph, IF HELPFUL it can be a someone else’s quote: Are there any quotes you think of often or live your life by?


In life… rephrase in your mind every greeting you receive to, “What can you do for me?”

You meet some at a bar and the say, “hey, what’s up?”

“What can you do for me?”

And many more examples, some more sinister, some more innocent that can become sinister over time.

We must know that at our cores as humans, we are users and abusers.

We must take in order to survive.

If you know that going into every interaction, the person across from you is either knowingly or unknowingly in the search of something they need or to be done for them – you become much more valuable in the interaction.

It is safety mechanism, it is a bargaining chip, it is POWER.


What is one of the best or most worthwhile investments you’ve ever made?

Money, time, energy, etc


A full and comprehensive bleach bit of my digital past.

Bought me necessary time in the early days following [the events decribed in the question regarding failure].

This in coordination with a highly adept crisis PR professional who assisted in planning the grand strategy.


What is an unusual habit or an absurd thing that you love?


I very much enjoy watching top tier video gamers on streaming services – I often will have a stream playing as background content whilst working on other projects.


In the last five years, what new belief, behavior, or habit has most improved your life?


Being ruthless does not mean being evil.

I have come to understand that assuming the role of a monster can provide extreme future benefit.

This of course takes courage and incurs heavy risk – so it is not something that everyone should willingly seek out.

Master planning is a behavior that has directly resulted from this.

It is very similar to risk assessment – how can you patch all the potential holes in a plan you intend execute.

I try to visualize every possible outcome to my major moving parts – that way, if and when and inevitable problem arises I have been there before subliminally and my subsequent decision making has already been made.

Ruthlessness – in coordination with planning means that you cannot afford laziness, weakness and other negative traits from business partners, those assisting you in your pursuit.

Rather than helplessly dragging the deadweight along – you discard at the first sign thereof.

It also is a firm understanding that for you to succeed, others must fail.

Ruthless minded individuals understand zero sum to be the way the world works.

Equal compromise nurtures complacency and stagnation – I don’t ascribe to this methodology.

VM loves the jetset lifestyle.


What advice would you give to a smart, driven college student about to enter the real world? What advice should they ignore?


For every positive there is a negative, no matter the gravity of the occurrence.

Learn to consider negative externalities prior to the positive.

Ignore any and all advice from people who aren’t in the top 10% of what you want to be doing, with regards to job, profession, etc.

If you really are wanting to experience limitless potential – openly put yourself in position to be royally fucked and “risk it all” type scenario.

Learn while in this stress, how to adapt, how to make decisions… for lack of better work “good” place to learn this is the military – best if you actively deploy.

Ultimate lessons are learned when the consequences bear real weight.

Conversely, royally fuck someone, and similarly learn while in the stress of other, the onslaught of them and theirs, how to battle through, and ultimate learn that things might not go back to the peachy keen ways of before – and that that is okay.


What are bad recommendations, you hear in your profession or area of expertise?


“Debt is inherently bad.”

Take ALL the non-recourse debt an institution, bank, financial intermediary will give you, always.

“Find a mentor”

This is just wasted effort. Be confident in yourself to learn the skills. Never rely on someone else to pull you there.

This on its face does not throw negativity on learning and growing from the inspirations of others. But 100%, never pay for mentorship.

“Trust and Honest are everything in business…”

Sorry, but truth and honest are never printed on financial statements and don’t pay the bills. This is not an open license or call to dishonesty – but a directive that grey, deceptive, and manipulative practices should be learned.


In the last five years, what have you become better at saying no to – distractions, invitations, etc? What new realizations and/or approaches helped? Any other tips?


Saying no to friends who invite… say they can’t have a good time unless you are there. I am not responsible for their happiness.


When you feel overwhelmed or unfocused, or have lost your focus temporarily, what do you do? What questions do you ask yourself?

The Vitruvian Man:

I play elevator music – albeit, strange and ask myself why I have found myself stuck back in elevator on pause.

I try to determine the hang-ups and the mental blocks, solve them and then exit as if I am entering a new floor ready to attack whatever it was that I was doing.


Thank you for reading.



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