Wildly Simple Profit Accelerator – a Fury Review

Wildly Simple Profit Accelerator – a Fury Review

I’m part of money twitter now, you guys…

I’m BANKING 6k every morning, y’all…Oh wait…That’s someone else…

I’m talking about Michael Paik. A brother I met on Twitter, like most, who runs an agency and is the freshest voice in money twitter. 

He speaks from the heart, and his experience shows, and resonates with his audience of 7000+ followers on Twitter.

Today we’re going to talk about his course:

Wildly Simple Profit Accelerator (WSPA)

The course overall is sleek and the informations is nicely divided in chunks. The intro for it is personal enough, and the tone and prose feels informal. As if Paik is talking to you directly. 

Paik talks about target market, niches, and USP – for those familiar with the terms he doesn’t bring something new per se, but he guides you through the process of upgrading your bizz, from start to finish quite well.

I can understand, from someone whose major is not in business, how this might help small business owners and anyone looking to know more about marketing.

I know for a fact that War on Weakness, another brother from Twitter, also with 7000+ followers, learned a great deal from WSPA.

Especially the section about creating your own customer avatar. Which after I had been exposed by it in the course I’ve encountered more often on Twitter, or the internet. It seems to be a high ROI technique used to gauge who and what your audience is – and why they might purchase from you.

I’ve used it myself to make my tweets more deadly.

Ads and Pitch

Then Paik takes you all the way how to crafts ads. And takes you through how to make a good sales pitch on the phone. 

He covers a great spectrum of many aspects. But introduces them more, and does not go very deep into them. 

All in all it was very noob friendly. It lays down the ground rules in almost layman terms. 

There were a lot of topics covered. And it even adds a how to grow your twitter guide at the end. 

I can imagine getting a course, especially these days (this is written during the Corona pandemic), might not be everybody’s priorities right now. But the value you get for the price is quite good, and Paik keeps updating the course with many bonuses.

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