Game On

Game On

Fury was wrong. Back in 2019, as of reading, and writing, this is Three years ago. “London is overrated,” he had said. Now coming back to it: go to the RIGHT spots and London is absolutely the shit.

Fury in town for a stag do – such a typical British word, btw, lmfaoooo Stag do – ngl it sounds a bit weesh if u think about it — anywho but this was on the Saturday, and he got here early, on the Friday, he didnt wanna go ballistic straight from the bat.

So Friday he came into town, just now at King’s Cross St Pancreas, heading to Hammersmith, check in, drop the bag, dip out again and explore the city. Fury had literally zero plans. He never makes them, doesnt do it – however, he knew his bro Lee was in town, however Lee was only available in the evening, so Fury had to kill some time and had made a small list in his journal.

Tbh, just a very succinct list with just five things on it. One of them was see the Fighting Temeraire, by Turner. Google. Ah, its at the National Gallery. Reason Fur wanted to see it was because it was featured in the stellar Bond film Skyfall (2012).

Hop on the tube, get out at Piccadily, brief walk to Trafalgar Square. Which was packed, asf. Sun was out. And so were the hooligans. lol. They were wearing a white and red uniform. Sutherland, maybe, played?

They say, You find true love at Trafalgar Square.

Fury didnt find it. Well, he did, in a sense, another sense, he found it. He found himself, right there on the square. True love is self love. And he loves himself. As all should.

Up the stairs, and into the side wing entrance. Inside, once again up the stairs, Fury sees a sign and was then finally realizing how many of the masterpieces he had known his whole life, but never truly witnessed irl were in THIS damn museum. He had to choose the route, and which paintings he wanted to see, because there was not gonna be enough time. He had literally all the time, till the meet with Lee – yet suddenly he was pressed for time because of the sheer magnitude of the museum.

Fury gunned straight for the area where the Turners where as that was the sole focus and reason why he’d come to the museum.

In this absolute stunning part, with part of the building that was part of the original listing, and the guard, he loved Fury, lmao, they started chatting and vibing, and Fury thought the guy sounded just like Idris Elba, the guard told him up there up to, above the columns and the arches there was real gold.

“They gotta keep it up there. So people can’t steal it.”

Fury saw big ass paintings all depicting sea, ships and chaos. Turner. He inspected the once he hadn’t heard off. And listened in to an old man giving lectures on Turner and symbolism to his kids. Soaked it in. Perhaps to one day pay it forward, or to swoop a fine latina, which were a plenty in the museum.

Then quite reserved positioned there in the corner was the Fighting Temeraire. Bit underwhelming, and perhaps as Bond had said, it is just a Big Bloody Ship.

However photos dont do the striking colors, composition and symbolism justice, which can only be felt, straight in front of the piece.

Mission complete. However, realizing that in this very building there were: Carravaggio, Velazquez, Vermeer, Rubens, Monet, Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Renoir, Cezanne. Fury realized he was in for a treat and just went all over the place and was caught by all the wonder of his favorite painting to look up online, but only now they were right in front of him.

[A seperate piece will be put up, to showcase all the Masterpieces Fury viewed at the National Gallery that they. Those that hold a special place in his heart, those he was most fond of]

After that, it was getting late, and Fury darted to the tube, Charing Cross and headed to London Bridge, and he was a bit early and grabbed a coffee to fuel up at the local Costa on the corner and then waited right in front of Borough Market, which he recognized bc the Stag had invited him there in 2019.

*Lee Cho Daygame has been active since 2013. That’s almost a Full Decade. Lee came to the online world in around 2019, specifically Twitter. Around 2020 Lee got acquainted with Fury. And it was the (gonzo) journalist in Fury that wanted to see Lee’s adventures, style, abrasiveness, game up close, in the nitty and gritty. In the heart of the Steel Jungle, London.* 

No later before Fury finished the last drop of his coffee did Lee appear. Well groomed and framing and filling a nice looking leather jacket.

And just like every twitter bro, ever met, ngl its like almost twenty now or sm sh, but its always on point from the very get go. Smiles on face, laughter outta mouth. Full flow. Topics one after another. Boom-boom-boom. Nonlinear asf, non sequitur, but juxtaposing, vibing, building up, aligning and resonating and converging.

All the while talking, Fury and Lee were walking along the river Thames towards Tower Bridge, which looked hauntingly spectacular as the sun was setting. Bathing the bridge in a pink cerulean hue. The rays spilling over to all the modern London Buildings, on the other side too. Like the Gherkin.

They doubled back, to have a drink and a cigar. But they werent allowed to smoke at the joint, dumb, so they decided just to have a French Old Fashioned first, talk shop, and smoke the stog afterwards. Lee and Fur were in synch in absolutely berating the waitress why it was called French Old Fashioned, she shittested back, like bros its just French Bitters, Fur wouldnt have it and pivoted and said, Ok sure whatevs, but what bourbon is in it, miss, pls danks am autist bourbon savant fo life, aight. She legit went back and came back with this pre made sh, and Fur found it on one side absolute dumb asf, like put some Makers in my Old Fashioned, lol, but he couldnt care less, just gimme the drinks.

First drink of the night and first of Fury this time in London, after that it went Ballistic.

“French” Old Fashioned

Walked BACK to the nice grassy patches near Tower Bridge, gorgeous sights by now. The patches were there to basically catch some Pikachu, women, lol – that aside The Sky was on Fire. Truly Cerulean.

Fury smoking a Nicaraguan Cigar, with Lee, under the Cerulean Sky, overlooking the Thames, with Tower Bridge and buildings like the Gherkin as backdrop.

Sat, Fury whipped out the two cigars. One for him, one for Lee. Nicaraguans. Not Cubans. Thats for plebs who think theyre the shit but dont know shit about it, cigar smoking or the cigar world. Brand was Myfather Flor de Las Antillas, size Robusto.

Nicaraguan Cigar: Flor de Las Antillas Robusto. Tower Bridge.

Before coming to London Fury had asked Lee what kind of preferences in terms of palate he had, the answer was Floral. So Fury was gonna go for either a Rocky Patel or a Myfather, so he went to the store, the best in Brussels, been there many times and the store owner knows him. Fury pretended not to know shit and asked a recommendation, the owner suggested this one. Gleefully Fury concurred this would slap.

Now on the verdant patches, under the fire sky, Fury and Lee were smoking cigars and enjoying eachothers company, vibing and talking till it got dark.

Fury always on a pressure cooker asked if it was time to hit the bars, and Lee said:

“It’s still early, my friend. We got time.”

Fury smiled. And applauded Lee’s professionalism, in the sense that he knew the timing of his city. The details, the where to be, at WHAT time. This kind of timing is crucial. Lee affirmed this, See, right?? This is what I say to guys always.

Earlier during the French Old Fashioned Lee had asked where Fury’s game came from, and was hinting at his solo travels. Fury nodded in affirmative.

And this solo roaming around had heightened his internal radar. Made him attuned to the timing of the cities all over the world. Cannot be taught, only acquired.

Snaking through the cozy alleys, along the corners where there are nice bars, all the way back to Borough market, London was turning up, they took the Tube to the heart of town. SOHO.

“Welcome to my city. Welcome to my part of Town,” Lee said.

Fury loved it. Before the drinks, and debauchery, and gaming, they had a quick pitstop. Per usual Fury hadnt eaten a single thing, ever since he got to London. Its his thing. He just travels and it fuels him and it gives him thus energy and who tf needs food, then .. and theres nicotine, and the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, and theres caffeine, and just vibes, man. And he was so excited for the whole trip, Fury didnt sleep the night before. Therefore everything was real, raw, CLUTCH, vital. Like a self induced microcosmic war. Just like Fury prefers it.

However couldnt say no to the bro who he had been talking with for so long. So dinner would be good. They head to this local, quite fancy in retrospect, Turkish place.

Authentic as hell place. Catch a whiff of the kitchen straight off the bat, and you can tell.

They walk in, its getting late, kitchen is closing, not so many people present anymore tbh, but Lee knows the guy at the desk in front. They banter, whatsup, shake hands, Fury shakes the guys hand and they banter some more, and Lee is like bro come on, you know me, and the guy does know em and he says you gotta order fast, bc Kitchen closing you know, Fury knows the drill, favors, but till an extent, and he swoops in and says he is a fast eater, not a lie, and says we can be quick, give em some vibes and smiles and seal the deal. They get a table. Nice one. In the corner.

They get menu, Fury knows what he wants, simple chicken and couscous, Lee goes for mixed meat, his go to, there. When the guy comes, he was fast, ngl, they order. For drinks Fury orders water for the table. Fury then does the move.

“Sir, you guys got any special type of signature drinks of the restaurant.”

“We have raki.”

“OK, we’ll take two,” Fury says.

The waiter recommends going with still water, which is smart to pair for the raki. The gas of sparkling is unsettling. Fury nods with glee, this bro smart asf, and nods and smiles to Lee and Fury compliments the waiter for this insightful smart trick.

Food comes, after some bread and olives first. The bread came with something which tasted very much like hummus.


Raki comes. Fury finished fast, bc it came in a shot glass looking thing. Well, ur supposed to shot it then. Lee sipped it a bit, but was a trooper.


Food comes, it smells and looks good. And it tasted damn good. Very simple, very flavorful, yet you could tell, the guys in the back were real Turkish people. Guy comes out of the kitchen with a bowl of chili, to lob on the plates. Lee goes for it.

Guy didnt ask Fury. Fury asks for it. Guy says its spicy. Fury is like wtf idc my family eats spicy. If anything is below three hundred thousand Scoville, the measure of spiciness, its not spicy.

After the food is down they walk to the Chinatown of London, the sights are nice, and then theyre in SOHO, or rather close by.

Lee points to his left and they’re is an Irish bar, says its nice. Fury just nods along the way. He had something along the lines like, this is your rodeo, your town, not gonna pretend I know the city and the night places better than you. Besides I like putting people in positions of power, playing to their strengths.

Then the Lee magic ignited. They saw a girl he had slept with couple weeks before. The details kept private, wild stuff truly. She was cute, and from the way she and her blonde friend behaved. One, they were wild, loose, and in Fury’s honest opinion, typical UK heaux – Two, they were into Asians. The blonde one was throwing Korean at him the whole interaction. And she was buddying up Fury with some random Korean scrawny ass mf, who seemed nice enough, and he reminded Fury of all the Korean friends he himself has, and one beautiful girl he had slept with in Norway, and ofc the Korean Tw Gury Legends.

So Fury was nice, almost stoic, let the play just run. Lee was vibing it once more with the busty short brunette, who had very vibrant light colored eyes in the night. Pretty well lit, for somebody who’s prolly completely ran thru. Exceptions excluded. The blonde one was quite sensual, and handsy, and sexy, with a couple drinks in, most def a Would. So Fury was happy to play the Grenade Catcher. Lee joked later, Is it then still Grenade Catching if the girl is actually attractive? Fury lolled at that one.

The interaction didnt lead much further other than social proof, and some receipts Lee wanted to show Fury. Not per se wanted. But moreso, putting money were his mouth is, walk the talk, you know. Because Fury had known Lee’s rep as a (day)gamer, and that’s how they had connected and Lee was telling him about his stories the whole f night, and tbh Fury didnt care for it and liked Lee, for who he was, and was fun just having Some interaction and turning the f up in SOHO, his first ever time. The girls were extra. This way Fury had found best to work for him, as to not to deter him to much from his center, and present state of controlled mind. But Lee was running and gunning it the whole damn night and that was  just the first of many interactions.

In fact. Lee set an Accidental PR, with Fury. Not personally for Lee. But for ANYONE Fury has ever met. Fury completely lost count. It was that many interactions. Fury could only conclude, Lee’s game is tight.

They tried to get in this fav place of Lee, but the guy said it was full. Full my ass Lee said. So they kept walking, around SOHO, all the while Lee calculating. After while, and some cold approaches, prolly, Fury forgot a bit, they headed back, because Lee had an epiphany. Remember that Irish bar told u about when we met the chicks, place can be good.

So they doublebacked, and passed the place again which was full. This time there was lmao a queue, suddenly not so full. It’s a London Thing. They let people get out, then there’s space, then it’s not full again. A cycle.

However Lee was sharp as a tack. Window gazing, or shopping, as he himself claimed he gets all chippery and jovial, like a Kid in a Candy store at night in London.


Lee said, Nah aint it.

Fury asked, Why?

Too many guys.

Haha, Kaz said the exact same thing in Marbella. The ratio. All the players know.

Lee said, Exactly.

At the Irish bar they got in, no hassle, lots of bouncers, quick passport check, they’re heavy on ID checking in London, heavy stuff.

Once in they scope the place a bit, Lee said this place is cool bc it has multiple floors, with multiple music Styles. Fury thought it was cool and said it reminded him of the Legendary Karl Gustav in Prague. Bit of a touristy Sleaze fest, but gotta have seen it at least once, Lee smiled.

So they go up, downstairs was a bit dead, for now, it was still not popping popping, people be sober asf.

Upstairs, first floor, shit got lit. There Fury wants to play the Guiness Game with Lee. One shot, you keep drinking till you hit the Harp. Who hits closest to the Harp wins.

The glass the Guinness came in didnt have a harp.


So Fury just chugged the damn thing while casing the joint, the floor, Lee put his Guiness down, LOL – then they went to TURN UP mode, and the hard liquor came out.

From here on lost count of the Infinite G&Ts and Vodka Redbulls. Reminder Fury had a Stag do the NEXT day, and had to get up at six am. And he couldnt give a fuck about that.

So there were some approaches made, some dancing, music was aight, some reggaeton. Lee got loose, Fury showed him HIS way, and Lee showed him his. The openings of Lee were smooth asf, and Fury was just the typical lightning rod. The F spectacle sauntering around with his trench. Well, when ur in the UK u gotta wear the trench, IYKYK.

There were cockblockers, but Lee handled it smooooothly. Man of EXPERIENCE. Fury affirmed as such, gave him the well deserved respect.

For the gamers, Fury saw also Lee was very much so employing game. And its tactics. But it was so f smoooooooth. It didnt seem like game.

Lee had said it took him YEARS.

Fury could see that and one can only tip one’s hat and smile and nod at such mastery at display. Because that’s what mastery truly and all it is. Informed Simplicity. Lee made it look simple. Which it was. But it was MOST def NOT EASY.

There were some cute Brazilians they talked to, but they brough a whole f Favella, neither the time nor energy to get the whole f ten set going.

At one point they headed up stairs, lmao there was a rock concert going on up there.

They played ACDC, Highway to Hell, Lee approached some chicks, Fury gave helpside and they legit had a little concert vibe going on for a bit. Laughters and good times and vibes all around.

At one point they hit the smoking area upstairs, where tbh in retrospect it was so cold and quiet you could have some nice quiet time up there with a girl, or just gazing off into the abyss thinking about life and shit.

There Fury pretended it was his Stag Do, and Lee said, Yeah just in London for ONE night, they were a hoot, and people saw Fury smoking these little cigars, cigarillos and he passed them around and guys were eating it up, and this one girl, too, but she was ok ish looking plus with a guy, ngl it was embarrassing for the guy, she was waiting to be swooped.

Not Fury’s thing. At that moment.

They headed back to the first floor and lit up the place once more. More drinks. More drinks. Oh yeah, then the fucking shots came out. Tequila, Lee liked those.

Left: girl from Not West Virginia. Center: Tequila.

All the while there was this annoying Italian guy, with zero friends, trynna leech of the energy of Lee and Fury. Fury had warned Lee that guy is aight, he been there, felt for the guy, HOWEVER, he’s gonna f bomb sets for u.

Lee said, later, Yeah guy messed up the SET, LOL.

Some mfs just have f ANTI GAME. It reeks, and its repulsive and f, man. Wtf you do with that.

Stay away from such sh.

They met these girls from Virginia, a two set, Lee started chatting them up, but they left after a while. This was the part where Fury whipped out the tequila, tbh.

However Lee found them downstairs again and let him do his thing, while Fury did his thing, getting all the attention on this makeshift dancefloor, right in front of the bar.

Mistake, tbh, Fury thinks in hindsight. However! There were two very cute Slavic looking chicks, and one was eyeing Fury the whole time. All good and well, so Fury started dancing with her. He whipped out the f bachata, salsa, and just generic Latin Dance cum club moves.

She loved it. “Oh, are you a Dancer…”

And OFC, when SHE loves it, THEY hate it. They being beta cuck orbiters just waiting to have their moment of glory to f shit up for Fury and white knight or some shit and you know theyre weak soy beta cuck asf because the whole night they were not in the vicinity. 

LI-TE-RALLy. A Wild White knight beta orbiter cuck appears!

So Fury went bit too ballistic, but in his mind was like come one, sh is already Decisively Engaged its by this time like waaaay past 2am. Its late. Fury has to seal the deal.

Which in his drunk ass mind he does, but he doesnt.

So he lifts up this chick, and puts her down. Prolly playfully touched her a bit too much ..

Then 50M beta cucks appear, then the bouncers, then the ratting out happens, and Lee says it from a far as he is in his booth, lmfaooo talking with his chicks.

Ofcourse everything goes Lightning fast then.

Bouncer comes. “Sir you touch her.”

Fur nods.

“She with you.”

“Yeah, we been dancing all night.”

“No. She with you.”

“She’s mine now. Go ask her then.”

Mistake. Because all her f friends jump in all the f hate, its game over. They ratting sh on Fury to the bouncer.

What was funny tho, she was moist, she had bedroom eyes, biting her lip the whole f time. If this was an establishment where Fury knew the crew, he been drilling the sh out of her.

But didnt happen, chalked it up to the game and didnt let the f guard touch the f coat, and Fury let himself up. Head high. F you all. And he bantered with the guard the whole time, and outside too.

LOL, think another Bouncer apologized, like theyre so f stuck in the Matrix. Like uh sorry sir, we too stuck in the fem libtarded moronisism, and we just drones and taking orders. FOH. Trash sh.

Fury crosses the street, sits down and starts smoking.

Lee comes out, shortly thereafter, “Yo Fury!” He waves. Fury nods and smokes and Lee says he’ll be out in a bit.

What a f trooper.

Then they gun for it, blazing into the perfect night. Leicester square, baby! And they even enter a Casino. ssssst. Sh was fly asf.

Classy as hell, well lit, and drinks still popping, Fury loved it. We talking this beat is like 3 am, or later. And there was no trash just people gambling. Multiple floors. Like damn. There were elevators, hotties, bouncers, floor was shiny.

“I’m at the Casino.”

Upstairs, there was fresh air, could smoke, Fury did, and thru the smoke you could see this hot girl winning, at the poker Table, Fury wanted in, but the night had been hard on his wallet, and the trip too, and the Fury Odyssey before that. He refrained.

Lee was opening sets left and right. Think the final one gave him the cold shoulder, but he shrugged it off like a champ.

Out on the street once more. There was this Legendary set. Because the girl was walking around chugging a 0.5L Bud, and had a whole F purse full of multiple Bud cans, and just passing them around.

Lee was like, Im good. Fury pretended to like it. And said, Oh yeahhhhh its my best Friends fav drink. Which is tru. And he sipped it, but he had to throw the rest of the sh away, later, lol.

What was funny is that chick was DTF. Like damn. However, the girl was protecting her, and Lee wouldnt have it, dignity intact, so he just let it go, and Fury saw it from the corner of his eye, just sipping the beer.

You know she would let us both smash, right, Fury said.

Lee explained his motivations. Which Fury already got.

Then it was night over, all played out.

They hit the bus, because it was late asf, so the Tube wasnt running no more. So night bus.

Then Lee GOES FOR IT. Like FFFFFF, there was this chick in the back, she looked Hungarian, red hair, busty, not that fit, tbh, but it was epic. So smooooth. And the timing of it all, Fury was like go for it, man, since Lee asked em.

Fury was having now the time of his F life, because this skinny gamer looking kid in front of him was WILLLIN the f out.

Saying all kinds of funny shit. Think it was the f funny voice he had. And he spoke in some kind of gen z or whatcha may call it kinda tone. The kid was FUNNNYYYY ASF.

But then he took the F cake, bc he was dipping in and out of Hi and Lo energy because self proclaimed, ofc, he was DRUNK asf, too, Fury played the Sage, we all been there bruv, dw.

But the Cake was he spurted up, all alive suddenly from the Dead, and he saw this fine Korean chick next to Fury, who was in some funny cosplay. But she was some kind of internet famous.

And he was like, YOOOOOOOOOO are you xyz girl, we matched on xyz, and then I like stalked you on Twitch and this and that this yo, handle, and it was awkward.

Chick was awkward ASF. And made eye contact with Fury. And that sh just got him f ROLLIN, man. Like FUCK.

The kid kept talking her f head of. She ignored him. Staring into the night, out the window, to her friend. This overweight girl. And she was just staring forward out into the bus, which was piling up with other people.

Then the kid was f relentless, ignored the Korean and just started chatting up the fat gf, and he was like, How you doing?



And then he turned back to Fury, whispering, hand in front of his mouth, You see I talked to her two months ago, but she ghosted me.

Fury was like, Chase a check, bro. Plenty of fish out there.

And the kid kept gunning, all the while Lee was almost there with his girl in the back of the bus.

The kid at one point got the gf to tell him which uni she went to, Korean gamer famous girl still ignoring, and the Kid was like NO F WAAAAAY I got to that uni.

Then he got the WHOLE bus on his side. Because couple dudes in back went to the same one, and in the front too. They like, We take this and this course.

Fury was just laughing the kid was good. Such magnetic kinetic energy he had. You could taste it. Like damn. Skill. He is for sure a one man party. Unforgettable.

Then they had to get off, but the chick flaked Lee at the very last moment, so they headed back to Lee’s place, which was close.

They after discussed a bit, but tired and wired, Lee threw a spare air mattress on the floor.

Fury set an alarm. Remember. He had a stag do, in less than ONE hour. Lee says how you gonna cope. How you gonna do that, how you gonna sleep.

Fury said, Ill sleep. But it will just be one hour. Ill be fine.

Lee went to his bedroom after saying good night. And Fury slept with his clothes on and fell asleep almost the instant he touched the very comfy air mattress. 

*At behalf of Lee Cho Daygame (think he even took down the site), and at his request this piece is and was his proper send-off. Lee Cho Daygame will be no more! A form of Burial. A Viking Ship, set sail, and not gone without a flaming arrow shot in its midst, alight, casting a light into the darkness as it is set adrift on its Next Journey to who knows where. A pyre, for warriors and hunters. Because that is what Lee was and is. A hunter. Till the next hunt, Lee, and for now Happy Huntings. Game ON.*

(Stay Tuned for the Next Part. Fury will Return. Read Part Two here, Fury’s Trafalgar.)

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