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A Kaz Hoomage Blogpost

[Caveat, in b4 sm smth uncalled for, rofl – the following is a curation of the content Kaz has put out (for free) on his emaillist and or TE tg channel. His list is inactive, or not active anymore at all]

So I have been consuming Kaz content for years now, but only this year it was that I really met Kaz irl, one might post smth bit more about that, talks, lessons etc – tbh its just like bros catching up – which is mostly private and intimate and sensitive and not meant for the public.

That said, I did see Kaz, after the meet, bit, in a different light – the expectation, the reality, and then the dissonance – that meant that I, personally, view his content now a bit different, than before, but still appreciative of its value and thats why Im merely curating, rn.

First is the, or one of the very first emails Kaz had sent out. From there the emails I liked best of him.

A Simple Framework to Overcome Anxiety/Overthinking

I get DM’s pretty much every day about anxiety and overthinking

Anxiety about talking to a girl

Anxiety about sales

Overthinking about a text

Overthinking about some shit that will never happen

These habits of overthinking and anxiety are the ultimate limiters of people’s growth.

Especially for young men.

When you are young, you don’t have the time to think. You put enough time in the trenches while you are young so you can BUY time to think when you are older.

So we know overthinking/anxiety is the problem….how do we overcome it?

I have a very strict framework for myself to manage anxious thoughts and overthinking.

The framework is this:

“I will ONLY think about a thought that scares me/makes me uncomfortable ONCE and once only”


If you let untracked thoughts roam around in your mind….they will own you.

You want to own the thoughts in your mind. Not the other way around. If you are a slave to your mind, you are not free and therefore will accomplish ZERO.

Back to the how. How do we make sure we stop the thoughts we DON’T want from impeding things we DO want?

My solutions are always stupid simple and there is a two step process for it:

  1. Write down a problem-solution table
  2. Whenever the thought arises, refer to the problem solution table.

The whole goal of this is to REMOVE thoughts from your mind and throw them into something else….onto paper or your iPad or laptop or whatever.

So what does a problem solution table look like?

Exactly like it sounds. Take a sheet of paper and draw a line through the middle. One side titled problem. One side titled solution.

The goal here is to write out the problem into as much pain staking detail as possible. Then asking the question:

“How likely is it that this is a real problem?”

A lot of the times you will feel retarded. You will realize how asinine some of the things you wrote are and how unlikely it is for these scenarios to become reality.

After you ask yourself if it is likely, you want to move into the solution…if it is actually realistic.

This is where you come up with a step by step PLAN. Not a wish, not a ‘nice to have’ but an actual plan.

You want to make sure that you know exactly how to handle this situation. Don’t worry about it too much. It may not come to you all at once. But you have to have this solution outlined in every minute detail possible.

Once you are done. You want to put a lock on it. You will not change anything anymore. You are COMMITTING to it.

What this does is basically magic. By committing to it, you are telling yourself there is no need to think about this any more. Because you already have a solution. You won’t be anxious anymore because everytime you think about these problems, you know that you have a solution. You will go into autopilot mode for the solution and not dwell on the problem.

Understand this:

Every anxiety related thought is born due to the lack of a solution being known.

So whenever the thought comes up about the problem, you just tell yourself, literally this:

“I don’t have to worry about this or be fearful or anxious because I know this problem in great detail and have a solution written out in minute detail”

This works like magic because your mind now thinks that there is no reason to overthink things because the mechanism is already in place (your problem-solution chart)

By using this framework, I have achieved peace that I can’t describe in words. Make sure to implement this if you genuinely want to get ahead in life and not waste time being a slave to your thoughts.

Im a huge fan of this technique, and do it every once in a while, if not on the daily, if a pesky recurring, ruminating concept/cluster of thoughts keeps haunting my mind. Notorious, for using it in a pinch, after reading it once in the Kaz mail, I deployed it in Stockholm, Sweden in 2020.

Amplifying Hope

Don’t usually send emails so often, but the times we live in necessitates.

If you follow me on Twitter you know that I don’t really talk a whole lot about politics. Not because I care about losing followers or anything of that sort, but I genuinely have zero interest. I live under a rock that shelters me from the fangs of mainstream media, political noise, societal issues and all other things that I have an insignificant amount of control over. To give you an example, I learnt who the prime minister of my country was, from my barber, two years after he was elected.

I do this to keep my sanity and reserve my precious Energy for myself. I am as lone wolf as they come. I can’t remember the last time I let a girl sleep over, rarely do I go do useless social gatherings and have never had a netflix membership. I do this not to virtue signal but because I know my worth and I know MOST of the time when I interact or consume, I am giving rather than getting. So I stay plugged into my charger, which for me is solitude.

But the situation we are all in right now is not the time to be alone. I genuinely think everything we are seeing right now is being done to divide us at a personal level. Demoralize us from the inside out and get rid of one thing that makes the essence of one’s determination to go another day – hope.

So in these times, we need to do the exact opposite of what we are told to do and be the light. I am all for actual action that serves the people. Whether it is your highly informative tweet regarding something you believe is the truth or it is a call you make to someone in private to let them know what is truly going on. I am not in favor of ignorance, I am however, highly in favor of not becoming ignorant in the process of trying to become awakened. There is a vortex out there and it will do it’s best to suck you in. What I mean by this is, be careful to not tie yourself in a knot while you try to untie another, then both of you are compromised and we cannot afford that. What we can afford to do is amplify the hope in those closest to us, and we must. We can do this collectively by:

  1. Connecting to our closest ones:

We are going to raise our own hopes in the process by giving others hope. I want you to reach out to friends, family and close ones and actually listen to them. Hear how they feel. Express your love and support for them, not through indirect words and innuendos. I mean by verbalizing the words with complete authenticity and reassuring them. I want you to do this without ZERO intent of receiving anything. The way to have zero expectations of receiving is by always seeing yourself as an over pouring cup – you are never in need.

I can guarantee you will receive something that will at the very least, brighten your mood. Always remember, your family, friends and loved ones know you by heart, the political person you are cheering for that may have caused strife in your relationships, does not know you exist. Hold that into perspective before you choose ideology over relationships.

2. Becoming hyper-aware of the information we consume:

The media is incredibly powerful. I firmly believe we don’t even know how coordinated, calculated and powerful they truly are – which makes them the most dangerous. When you don’t know your enemy, you are at their mercy. I say all this to say that when watching any sort of media, you must keep in mind you are entering their energetic vortex that has the capability to suck you in and completely ruin your mood, demoralize and deconstruct your pillars of hope. If you do intend to watch the news, I suggest you stay hyper-aware of every word they are saying, every imagery they are portraying. They may seem random but they are the farthest from it. Be detached to the news, create your filtering system and above all clutch on to your rationale like a falling infant would to his mother.

3. Taking care of ourselves:

You cannot be an over pouring cup at all times. So you need to be over pouring at the right times. Chances are people rely on you, more importantly you rely on yourself. If you can’t take care of yourself mentally, preserve your hope, maintain your strength, you are dead weight. Right now we need less dead weight because the world is amassing rotten filth by the microsecond.

You need to recharge yourself. Give your loved ones time but find the time to work on yourself. You should already know what gives your Energy a boost, if not, find it like your life depends on it. For me, I write and I meditate and clear my mind. I stay empty so negative thoughts don’t weigh me down. I’d rather stay in a state of equanimity rather than flashes of positive and negative. In essence, cultivate your essence, whatever that may be for you. It is only when we are in abundance that we can truly share our wealth without worrying about us.

I hope you take into action what I have outlined here, our goal is to always steer you to a path of truth, strength, freedom and peace. And to do that, we need to be at our very best, at all times.

Let’s all amplify hope in ourselves and others.

Until next time.

Framework for Crushing Limiting Beliefs

We hear a lot about limiting beliefs but rarely do we dive into what it actually is and how to break them.

Simply put, a limiting belief is an idea that is fundamentally false and it resides in your mind and does not serve you.

Most of the time, a limiting belief comes from the past. You could have picked it up from your parents, siblings, teachers, past failures etc.

The good news is that you can always unshackle yourself from the limiting beliefs. The bad news is you may not know which ones are your actual limiting beliefs. This email will help you with that.

The easiest way to find your limiting beliefs is by looking at areas in your life where you are not living up to your potential. This is where you feel like you are “meant for more”, you know you are meant for more, but you just can’t get to the “more” part.

Chances are 9/10 times you have some self limiting beliefs that are holding you back and you aren’t aware of it.

The antidote to this problem is self-discovery, then self-recovery.

The framework looks like this:


1. Find a topic where you are feeling left behind/not excelling

2. Really ask yourself what you think of the topic. Dive deep into how you view it, what your experiences on it are etc.

3. List down your CORE beliefs on the topic.

4. Systematically go through each and ask if these beliefs are fact or fiction.


1. Ask yourself where you picked up the false beliefs from (specific person or incidences)

2. Reframe the SOURCE (the person/incident) as a non authoritative figure for this particular topic

3. Replace the false belief with a new true FACT from a credible source.


Topic: Money

Belief: You believe $20k is too much for you to make in a month

Source of belief: Your parents would constantly say a $60,000/year job is the holy grail, your mind cannot fathom making 1/3rd of that in a month. So you always think that’s impossible.

Reframe: If you only had $20k, would you be able to live the rest of your life? No. So it is not a lot of money. Ask yourself “Would I go to a doctor to learn about how to assemble furniture? So why do I value my non-wealthy parents’ take on money?” You will come to the conclusion that they are not an authoritative figure to talk about money and the value of the belief will be less to you.

Replace: “Who is out there who is doing this already? Can I know for sure they are making $20k/month? Are they saying it’s possible? If they can do it, it shouldn’t be impossible for me. So on and so forth.

The more content you can put into these sections, the more you will learn about yourself break through the limiting belief. Often times you will find your limiting beliefs are going into another one and you are unraveling a heavy steaming pile of garbage. That is exactly what you want.

The idea here is to make sure that you spend A LOT of time in introspection so you arm yourself with the truth. Once that is done, you can then go into your ventures with the truth by your side and no limits in sight.

Until next time.

So that finished the email part, and its already quite a hefty blogpiece, but figured if youre a blogreader, you like the longer sit, moreso, and wanna dive in, and indulge, and get the Midas Gold – thats what we’re doing here… so now my personal favorites from Kaz his Telegram channel, Train Everything.

Abundance Mindset


You will have far more success approaching the game with 

“My knowledge and network is yours to use” with all your relationships rather than 

“Let me extract the most from this other person and enhance myself”

I have tried both, and it’s not even close

Abundant vs Insecure.

Now, on the other hand, you take the route of a giver. You give information, share knowledge and your network freely. The other person is going to think of you incredibly highly and fGoing to break this down a bit more because I truly think this is one of the most important shifts in mentality that you need to have to skyrocket your relationships.

Whenever you approach people you can only approach it one of two ways, either you are a giver or a taker. 

But in reality, the giver eventually becomes the biggest getter. The way the two different options work is different. 

Let’s think of the value you give or get as money, and lets look at the relationships you are building as actual assets.

When you go ahead and try to take from someone right from the start, you are looking to cash out on the front end. You aren’t looking to build something long term. And yes, sometimes you can get something for free that you can potentially use for yourself immediately-but imagine the long term gains you are missing

If a relationship can net such a lucrative yield in such a short time, imagine how good it could be long term.

all into the predisposed human behaviour of reciprocity and generally return more to you. 

To some it up, monetarily, do you want a quick buck, or do you want to cash out enormously down the road? If you develop a rep for being a quick buck guy, you will see your network shrink faster and faster. 

Now, that we have somewhat quantified this, don’t ever look at any relationships, in this model. I used it just to breakdown the returns more clearly. 

The REAL reason you should have no problem giving out value with nothing in expectation for return is because you will become so infinitely valuable that you never feel like you are losing – you can’t subtract from infinity.

This is where really abundance comes into play. Is this something that you become overnight? No, you build yourself up continuously over years to get here. Once you are here, opportunities chase you down. 

I say all this to say that incorporating this giver state of mind has changed my life and I want you all to implement this in your life. I’d say “do this for X days” but that would completely beat the purpose of not expecting anything in return.


You get engulfed in someone’s presence, that’s the frame working

You fear someone without them threatening you, that’s frame

You feel a lack of control in another person’s sphere of influence, that’s frame

Your frame is one of your biggest tools to command your respect around the people you interact with. In essence, frame is a combination of physical and mental stillness combined with an “IDGAF” mentality. The following will help you cultivate your frame:

1. Learning martial arts: Nothing comes even close to the sense of confidence you gain when you know you can self defend. You may never need to, but learning a martial art overall causes you to have a sense of groundedness that you may have never felt before. You are less jittery, your movements in day to day are more calculated, you carry yourself in a way that tells people that you know how your body works and you can use it as weapon. 

2. Constantly challenging yourself: This can be in any facet of life. What is most important is that you do something that pushes you mentally. Something that you can overcome which will allow you to tell yourself “If i can overcome this, I can do anything”. Just the way your physical demeanour changes through sparring in martial arts, your mentality will change when you challenge yourself with mentally taxing items. You will be less likely to be moved by bullshit from your friends, family, coworkers etc throw at you. You will be essentially in a place of mental fortitude that allows you to have that “ice in your veins” attitude.

3. Grounding+Body Scan Meditation  Think how jittery people are nowadays. Rarely you see someone being able to sit still and not moving their hands or legs. People are overdosing on stimulation consistently and it shows through their movement. Doing these meditations will allow you to be more still in daily life. Stillness commands a presence unlike other and further accentuates your frame. 

4. Thought focusing: It’s a miracle if someone does not have ADHD nowadays. 3-15 second videos on social media giving people a momentary high until they are onto the next one has caused people to lack in terms of attention span. And it shows when you talk to people – they are switching from topic to topic and are incapable of having a solid, deep conversation that enriches the collective experience. Being able to focus on something for hours requires your mind to be in a state of peace and not being overwhelmed by thoughts bombarding out of nowhere, which eventually betters your presence.

5. Abundance mentality: You cannot have frame if you are scared to lose. If you are scared, you will cave into other people’s threats. You will not be in a position to choose and you will be always reacting rather than pro-actively setting the terms. The only way to prevent this is by being in a position of power, and that comes down to how much more options you have – whether it be opportunities, girls, business deals.

If you can keep working on these 5 items consistently over a long enough period of time. You will notice the change in the way people react to you. They will gravitate towards you. They will try to get a piece of you. They want to hear your thoughts, your opinions, your take on things. They will yield decision making to you as much as they can etc etc. 

Overall, cultivating a proper frame is something that every man should do as it becomes the essence of that man. Implement.

Thats the end of this curation post, check out the TE tg channel if you want to read more about Kaz and Lobo.

The reason I curated these Kaz posts is to show you, theres sooooo much info out there on the internet. For FREE. Back in the day, this was Absolutely Not the case. And you merely have to keep digging, and find the exact right spot, to strike gold.

Till next time


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