What is the Altucher Show

And if you don’t know who Mr. Altucher is, a basic google search will clear everything up.

Fury on the Show

These are the links to me being on episode 1023 of the James Altucher Show (released on 21/6/22):


Below is the Spotify Link:


What did we talk about:

-Social Influence/Tricks
-I told James a trick to use at a House Party he was visiting shortly after the cast
-How I got to be Fury, where the Name comes from, soz, spoiler..
-Why Im called Fury, its always a girl, LOL
-Fury Pulling a Goggins, STAY HARD!!!!
-Hooamaging people
-Choose yourself, Stepping away from the Herd, Quitting your 9-5
-How to be an IDEA Machine, from Choose yourself, How to hold yourself Accountable, Small Habits
-How Fury Struck from The Void, and got on the JAS at all…
-Reality Transsurfing
-Old School Bushido Values in the Modern World
-Where now from here?
-Me and James creating a very, very POTENT new conconction right on the cast itself
-the Late Emory Tate – James Altucher – Fury – The Tate Brothers … Cycles…

And much much more.

Check out the Podcast here.

Here’s what everyone is saying:

Kind words from the Dan Go himself!!

As the Kind words keep pouring, Ill stop here. For now. Do check out the Show!!!

Check out Fury on the James Altucher Show HOOA